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  1. Monica . even an old renegade like myself is on Faceless book . Course i joined it to advertise my being an exhibit designer .
  2. The Movie , The Spidermites of Jesus just finished playing a film Festival in San Francisco ! Here is what Ms Diane Kelly had to say about the picture ! Hi Ellen! I wanted you to know that I made it to see "Spider Mites of Jesus, the Dirtwoman Documentary" last night in SF! I had gotten a ticket a few weeks ago, and was not sure I was going to be here. But - I was and I did go. I thought at first it was at the Castro Theater but realized as I drove to the Castro that the Roxie was on 16th Street off of Mission and managed to get there and parked in time. Anyway, it was great!!!! I am glad I got the opportunity to go and see it. The Producer/Director was there along with "Mad Dog".... The theater was very small and held only 100 people. I think about 50 people were there from my head count. I got a chance to see YOU in the movie. That was fun! I particularly thought you were right on, that Donnie must have been a very lonely person. He truly was a character though and seemed to enjoy what he did in his life, however and with everything he went through it didn't seem to slow him down. He definitely had an unusual life. I also enjoyed that the film showed as much of Richmond as it did. My 'limited view' of Richmond, VA was much broadened by the film. I am glad I had the opportunity to go see it. I soooooo wanna smother this BEAUTIFUL woman with hugs an kisses !!!!!!
  3. I founded Art Forms Design in Houston in 1975 . I moved the company to Dallas in 1980 . I closed the physical plant in 1991
  4. Folks , I became a twisted soul because of my association with Bohemians like Ray Bentley , Jerry Williams and yes, Donnie Corker , aka Dirtwoman !!!! Showing 6-2 at the Roxy in San Francisco !!!! https://www.facebook.com/tvjerry/videos/10219644205280256/
  5. I just discovered a friend of mine on Facebook got a shot of my son , Israel , me being ME and a shot of Richmond Times Dispatch and WTVR Am reporter , Mister Mark Holmberg at the premiere of the Spidermites of Jesus at it's Richmond Virginia showing . I swear , this shot is KLASSIC Ellen and I'm holding it out to frame ! Hey , DON'T FORGET this movie plays the San Francisco Film festival in June , a ONE SHOW event !!!!!!
  6. Nope , Trump an Pence have declared war on us . If yer in Texas , Patrick and Cruz have wanted us erased for decades now
  7. Trump has been the Evangelicals friend since right before he chose to hand us the Crown Devil, Pence . I was very dubious of trump prior , even when he held the Rainbow flag and even said to reporters he had no problems with Gays . I KNEW we were toast the moment the news reported Pence ....
  8. You want those wishes Notarized into a "Living Will " . Make sure enough TRUSTED friends have signed notarized copies too !!!!!!
  9. Monica , the process is known as Sepia toning . This is a separate developer that can be done on a print . This is also a preserving chemical as the Sepia will prevent fading in years to come . I used to process my own film , both Black and White and color slides . I've always like B& W as it is a format i can really get creative with
  10. Some of you here are probably familiar with me writing an Autobiography entitled Living Twice . I have had the HONOR of Ms Diane Kelly , author of the book, The Sky Turned Green and the Grass turned Blue as a editor ! Giving a "Free Plug " here to TG guide , this message board has been a godsend and a true "Gift " from the heavens since I have been on board years back as T-Bird Gal . I'm down to about four more chapters here . Things got delayed as I am now in the independent film , The Spidermites of Jesus , directed by Jerry Williams and produced by Ray Bently . One of the delays has been a result of having to write a chapter as to my relationship to Donnie Corker, aka DirtWoman . Donnie's influence on me back in the early 1970's gave me the strength to continue a pursuit of becoming Female along with my friendship with Christine Jorgensen. . being honest , I probably would have remained a Cross dresser , sitting on the fence and continuing a self destructive life . We al have our Icons . Mine were a Transwoman and a Gay Drag Queen . Meanwhile , many of you have taught me a thing or two as to what legal and medical steps I have had to overcome here and don't be surprised if you aren't mentioned in my story on just a first name basis . Don't worry , I have ways of protecting your TRUE identities I would NEVER EVER Intentionally "Out " anyone . | On one more item I'm proposing for the book, here s a shot of Ed ! This was me as a Man in Ruckersville , near the city of Charlotesville Virginia in 1975 . I was with James F Buckley jr and another attorney on a farm and we were experimenting with an old turn of the century camera . Since I processed my own film then , I had the facilities to make prints of us . This shot has been thought to possibly be a cover shot in some way
  11. Michael, considering my age , health and the fact that even my immediate family has doubts as to my gender , I too have that concern . I know my son will certainly accept me
  12. Lori, Jessica , I have had a notarized last will on file since I nearly bought the farm with MRSA in 2010 . I recently did a Living will and filed it with the hospital here in Virginia that handles the bulk of my medical care . I really can't stress the need for these two documents enough . Put copies in trusted people hands too !
  13. I guess I can qualify as a Transgender ally Mom. I have been a chaperone to many Alternative prom events dating back to 2005 . I have raised now four children . Yes, I'm Transgender myself and I'm NOT GOING BACK at my age , NO WAY!!!! I fought meanwhile to have Green warrants amended for those charged with Sexual deviancy . I'm published in the field of Gender and if anyone wants my phone number and you have a Facebook account , CALL MUH OFFICE!!!!!!
  14. Lori, I love calling "Zucky's lil forum faceless book on account of the fact that the neanderthal bigots ain't got guts enough to say the spew they post on me to my face .
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