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  1. isabella added a post in a topic: Mobile Login for the HTML5 Chatroom   

    Hi Krissy and everyone else,
    isabella here, aka isabella.m. 
    For those of you using a Kindle Fire I am posting a YouTube link that I found that will help walk you through installing Chrome and FireFox to your device.
    Here is the link:  []
    Additionally, not completely off topic is the subject of connectivity and which browser to use; Chrome, Puffin, or Safari.
    I have an Android HTC One M8 and I use Chrome and the stability and connectivity to the site is very good.
    Please remember to always use the "Request Desktop Site" otherwise as Krissy stated you will only get a white screen.
    Take care and we (olcharlie, Krissy, me and the other Admin/Staff) wish you well.
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