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    I like reading alot, old movies, some television, and love all types of music. I am really not into sports anymore except English Premier League football (aka soccer).

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    Mobile Login for the HTML5 Chatroom

    Hi Krissy and everyone else, isabella here, aka isabella.m. For those of you using a Kindle Fire I am posting a YouTube link that I found that will help walk you through installing Chrome and FireFox to your device. Here is the link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rsaLeGjSoU] Additionally, not completely off topic is the subject of connectivity and which browser to use; Chrome, Puffin, or Safari. I have an Android HTC One M8 and I use Chrome and the stability and connectivity to the TGtalk.com site is very good. Please remember to always use the "Request Desktop Site" otherwise as Krissy stated you will only get a white screen. Take care and we (olcharlie, Krissy, me and the other Admin/Staff) wish you well. isabella