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  1. tas198

    TDOR South Florida

    This event wasn't as successful as i had hoped. A friend of mine put a lot of time and effort into a poster for this event and then only the people from our group showed up. There were only like ten people who showed up. We actually had to offer our cake as an incentive for people passing by to come over. Only after offering cake did one other person stay and i don't think he even looked at our poster. For some reason people thought we would need six cakes with twenty pieces each and in the end we ate about half of three and then gave the other three cakes away.
  2. I am new to transitioning and i am not sure where to begin.

  3. tas198

    TDOR South Florida

    I just learned about TDOR a few weeks ago, and the people in the LGBT group at my college including myself are participating. I believe we intend to do a candlelit vigil. One candle for each person who died since TDOR last year. It will be on our campus from like 6:30-9:00 on November 20th. Since i just learned about this i have no idea what these events are like or how many people show, but i am hoping quite a few students and other people in the area come by.