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About Me

I am a college student a year away from getting my first bachelors degree. I have found throughout my life that i have never been interested in the same interests my male friends have been and i have often thought differently than they do. I have always been kind of confused about my sexuality until a few months ago when i discovered the term asexual and quickly realized that described me. I recently joined the LGBT group on my campus and the people in that group have been really nice and great at helping me through this, and life. I spend a considerable amount of my free time with them, at home working on puzzles, or watching Youtube videos. I live with my dad and brother, but i feel uncomfortable around them especially since i decided to transition. I fear that they will not accept this part of my life or my sexuality even though my dad thinks i am gay and he seems alright with it. Sometimes i want to correct his idea about me being gay, but i am not ready to discuss it with him. I feel like if i transition i will have to discuss it with him because he would see the differences unless i change while i am home. Thank you for reading.

Pronouns: She, her preferably but it doesn't matter that much.

Sexuality: Like i said asexual.

Major: Criminal Justice but considering changing, though have little idea to what i want to change it to. Biology, astronomy, geology, some science maybe.

Came out to: nobody officially but i have discussed this some with my LGBT group.