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  1. It's a law they passed to placate the Evangelicals. Quite meaningless in reality.
  2. That kind of therapist wouldn't be good anyway. It would be just another dumb law and kind of pointless anyway. Ever thought how much a little basic courtesy would ease off so many crazy things people think we need laws for?
  3. Deep breath. Trump isn't much different than a lot of other guys when it comes to being crude about women and sex. You've lived a sheltered life if you haven't run into it. It's how men got their crappy reputation. When I was young, I used to get hit on by a lot of chicken hawks. They were kind of crude and scary, but harmless in the end. I've also seen a lot of Libertarians among the Trump people. When it comes to people like us, they're pretty cool. So, take a deep breath. Current politics is very strange, but no where near as bad and the press releases.