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  1. If you want to win more people to the cause, the argument that will be needed is that the mind and body are separate. At least with conservative Christians, this can be an opportunity to make you case. The good news is that the bible does not have anything on gender. This is based on a search of online concordances I have seen (granted that I just got started).The drawback is TG/TS/CD are viewed as a sexual fetish. The grain of truth to this is sissies in the BDSM community. When you successfully divorce TG/TS/CD from sissies, you will have your opportunity. This should also work with people who are not Christians. I know that I'm a recent convert here. Most of society focuses on the body, with 95 to 99% this is the case, society is right. TG/TS are the 1 to 5% and unfortunately that puts a burden on the minority (to a degree) to respect the will of the majority. On the other hand, the majority also has a burden (on an equal degree) to tolerate the minority. Hence the bathroom issue. At least for the present time, it seems that successful gender presentation is import, until our argument is accepted. Reguardless, TG/TS has responsibility to speak up, and for the cisgender folk to respect TG/TS folk when they do.
  2. The challenge that we face is sex vs gender. If we can get poeple to accept we should look at the gender rather than sex that will go a long way. I do not know how to frame that arguement to where the opposition can accept that.
  3. Gotcha, personally I say the ultimate solution lays within the culture and not legislation. Which is why it is important for us to stand together untied in common principles regardless of the group. With that said, I am pretty sure that one person that operates on a national stage you would be surprised to hear.
  4. Thanks, I was looking for special provisions within the law, etc.
  5. Granted that I have been silent these last few days (real life and all). On a personal note, I am considering to start a thread in the forum. But I am concerned about the digital footprint I do trust the poeple who are active here to a degree, it's the inactive poeple I have concerns about. Bottom line line is the concern is what I do not see. Getting back to the thread it seems that there are a lot of worms has spawned here. But in interest of keeping to topic of the thread. I need to start with this. What is the federal government's role with respect to transgender? And as a follow up question, do they have any constitutional authority for the actions they are taking?
  6. Briannah have you taken a look at my playboOK (I hate having to operate from a tablet) or we have the same same syle with respect to making arguements? I am no Trump fan, I don't like how the press in portraying/treating him. For example when he signed the excutive order for temporary banning refuses coming from known sources that are trying to kill us, and the press made it look it he was banning all Muslims.When the reality was he was buying time so so that a reliable vetting process can be established. (Having a process to verify or a chance to Chek to see if they won't try to kill us, etc.) Or during the ignagution the was a press story that gave the President the image of he was a racist over a picture, bust ,or whatever of MLK and that turned out to be false.
  7. I don't see why transgender people are being rushed. It would seem that this is being lead by blind fear.
  8. Yes and discussing things here has been a big help. Your website is good for getting the mechanics (how things work like the gingerbread diagram, the treatment information, etc.) of being transgender. It seems that more I learn the more intrigued I become. I am still having a challenge understand gender fluid folk by the way. Being active on this forum has given me a better understanding of the issues of the community and where I can fit in. If I am going to be humble and candid here, combination of your website and this forum has rekindled my curiosity about myself. I thank you for that, it this makes my convictions this much more clear to me. I'm sure I can go on infinite tandems so I am stopping myself here.
  9. Please do not take this the wrong way. What has this person done to warrant a day of remembrance. If I were to make a call of who gets one, I would nominate you and people like you. My rationale for that is your service to the communty (by raising awareness, bring an avocate, building bridges, etc.). If you are looking for an example, how about Martin Luther King Jr, and Gandhi as examples. They gave their life in devoted service to their respective communities. Granted that I don't know well at the moment; however, you seem to have a passion for this. I stopping now due to I'm just rambling at this point.
  10. Granted that crossdressers aren't transgender. But there can there be a little leeway here for the crossdressers if they pass and act respectfully toward women. After all they gotta relieve themselves too. Or is there no such thing, due to the award factor. I can see it both ways.
  11. Thanks Mike, transgender men truly seem to be invisible men. This makes me feel like I am in a hall mirrors with this issue. Especially when transgender men angle comes to play. With that said, what are some guidelines that I need to follow when I am with trans people out in public? I want to be able to have their back.
  12. I would challenge him if that is what you are getting at, especially if he had his phone out like in the picture.
  13. That was what I was thinking. I was just trying to distinguish the two when I am talking, posting, etc. wthout having to go into a long winded explaination. I try to practice the bevity is the soul of wit. My thoughts are to keep to standards of common decency and/or respect and you will be fine. That is the basis of the "Christian right" or oposition is. The source of the resistance from this group is misunderstanding of the misalignment of the mind and body with respect to transgender. Erica Ravenwood has the answer to that problem. Outreach to and educate the willing from the group. Over time you develop allies, acceptance, etc. The pain in the butt a that is the results are not immediate.
  14. As a P.S. "legit crossdressers" crossdressers that are out in public that are trying to pass minding their own business, etc. And Cisgender men "donning women's clothing to gain access" or just walking in a women's only wearing mens clothes saying that "I identify as female". I am not saying that you are mindless, etc. I just don't know how to communicate the distinction and want to change that.
  15. Thanks Briannah and Emma for educating me here and giving something to chew on. Again thank you for pointing out other people that are a causalities. I didn't buy their argument but I could not defend our side here. My knee jerk reaction were the perverts and me hearing that women were being extremely uncomfortable about a cisgender men using the women's bathroom, which brings me to Emma's third point, what about legit crossdressers? Which bathroom should they use? That was why I was thinking the issue of the importance passing for them. I don't know about denying the existence and validity of transgender. Transgender does have a right to exist and to be validated. Please help me build a bridge here. The first thing I need to do is gain understanding.