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    Fashion, design, art.

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About Me

I am an intelligent, transgender, non-transitioning, stuck in wrong body shapes woman.

Obviously this means that mentally I'm a ticking time bomb so if we are talking and getting along fine and I suddenly disappear for a while it's probably because I'm in a shit place again. My wife is an absolute diamond and I cannot stress how much she has supported me through the years.


I lived in the UK for a number of years and used to frequent the Canal Street area of Manchester.

Would love to have friends, either transgender or female to socialise with, particularly in Sydney or Melbourne.

I am very creative and make many of my dresses etc. I also paint and sketch and are very much into the lowbrow art movement.

I am married, yes she knows I am trans and yes I am very much the woman in the relationship. Strange to think though that if we tried to get married in Australia knowing what we know now, it would be illegal.

Anyway if you want to know anything else just ask, just please don't ask me what I am wearing because that's a twats question..

Anyway that's me for now.

Thanks x