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  1. Andrew

    Happy Ending

    Hi Monica and Chrissy Thank you both for your kind comments. The person who got slimmed with me is a staff member at the park so we are not a couple. Each day, one or two of the staff get slimmed sometimes with a visitor at the park but they always wear something to keep their uniforms clean. I was asked if I wanted to keep my clothes clean but had taken a change of clothes luckily. Kind Regards Charlotte
  2. Andrew

    Happy Ending

    Hi Guys I had a wonderful week this week. Last week I told you of a horrible incident that happend when somebody was rude and upset me about being Transgender and a park in the UK last week. Well I have some good news after speaking to the park they were wonderful and invited me back to made my dream of being Slimed come true. (I had always wanted to be on on a messy childfens game show growing up but was bullied at school and was told I was to ugly to be on TV. )I went back yesterday and despite and long train journey it was worth it. Everybody was so kind and understanding. So a huge thank you to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon Land and Team Nick, and Nickelodeon uk. I may still be ugly but at least my dream came true But as you can see I made a bit of a mess of slime box. Sorry Team Nick. I have also included the video of me being slimed I am on the left in the yellow t-shirt. VID_20820805_222320_498.mp4
  3. Andrew

    Being hurt and ignored

    Hi Emma Being Slimed is when you get covered in green goo. It is normally used in Nickelodeon or other Children's game shows etc.
  4. Andrew

    Being hurt and ignored

    Hi Everybody I am really sorry I have not been in touch with my blog over the last couple of weeks I have rather busy. As I had a spare minute I thought I would update you all. First of all thank you for the kind words again it is really nice to know I have found a place for support as I transcend from Male to Female. Still trying to speak to the press in the UK still have had no luck with that but have tried to get in touch with some local PR companies to see if they can help. Waiting to get back to me. Looking forward to the end of next month as I get my first couple of tattoos I am having two ribbons on my feet. A pink cancer ribbon on one foot and on the other a ribbon with lots of different colours for two reasons 1) To celebrate being transgender and 2) To show support to people with have autism. Still using Charlotte but still trying to pick a Disney Princess or Nickelodeon name to use Finally a sad and happy story. First the sad story. As a child I always wanted to get slimed on a TV show but was put off when one day at school I was told by some bullies that I was too ugly to be on TV. When I told my therapist this she informed that a theme park not too far away was doing a slime event during the summer and as i was going to the park I thought maybe I could get the chance to be Slimed. Sadly a very ride staff member told me that it was just for kids (I know this not true). Also they said as I was trans people like me should not be allowed to do fun things like that. Thankfully I have complained and the company are trying to resolve this. But the happy event that happend was today when I was at practice for a superbike racing event this weekend. I love collecting autographs of both bike riders and car racers. Some of the riders asked if I was trans due to my make up and clothing. I said I was as they asked me in a really nice way. I was talking to them and they asked if I wanted them to sign the autograph to my real name or trans name. A couple of the riders said they were really jealous of both Trans and Gay people as they had the guts to be themselves and be proud of who they are. They also said they were jealous of us because we were so brave. This is from people who race 200MPH superbikes. But it made me feel a million dollars and I bet they do not know how good it felt they said that.
  5. Andrew


    Hi Everybody I hope you all have a great weekend. It has not been a good start for me, sadly somebody (I don't know who) has told lots of people in my area that I am transgender and I have received a letter this morning that has asked me not to attend a local event tomorrow as being transgender might upset and offend others at the event. I was not even planning to attend Just wondered if anybody has ever had a letter like this asking them not to attend an event due to being transgender.
  6. Andrew

    Ups and Downs

    Hi Just a quick update sadly yesterday one of the press I emailed about transgender and bullying rejected my story. But I will keep going. The other thing I have noticed is that the few people who I have spoken too about coming out as transgender have said how brave and heroic it is that I have been open about it. I do not if I am brave or heroic but it is wonderful to have people who say such nice things. I know that I am truly blessed to have such kind people to support me and I know not everyone is so lucky. Also all these people who have said such nice things have also asked me "why is it such a problem if you are transgender if you are happy and it does not hurt anybody then you should be who you are and not have to hide it" I wish I had an answer
  7. Andrew

    4th July

    Hi Chrissy Thank you for your kind words. The two year wait in the uk is just to see a transgender centre. I am very lucky in one way as I live quiet close to one of the few centres in the UK. Sadly like in the USA and in other countries that I have been looking into lots of people have a very long way to travel. This part of my reason to try raise awareness of the situation in the UK and if it raises awareness and helps children and adults in other parts of the world that are transgender that would be a huge bonus. But I am sure there are other wonderful people working as hard to make it work as well.
  8. Andrew

    4th July

    Hi First of all Happy Independence Day to all Transgender people in the USA. Have a great day all of you. Last Friday went to get my hair styled more feminine. Sadly my hairdressers said my hair needs a little more time to grow out before we can do it but we will get there. Also one of my Gymnastics students brought me a wonderful Jo Jo Bow to put in my hair once it looks more female. I have sent some emails to the UK press as I am hoping to help raise more awareness in the UK about Transgender issues for both Children and Adults and the two year wait to receive treatment. I will keep you all updated with how I get on.
  9. Andrew

    My next Step

    Hi Thank you for the kind comments that were said after my first blog post. I am really looking forward to Friday as I am booked to have my first female hair style so hopefully this will help me along to finally being able to be my true self.
  10. Andrew

    My Name

    Hi My real name is Andrew but as I am transcending to female at the moment I am using the name Charlotte but may finally change this to a Disney Princess name or Female Nickelodeon character name as one of my hobbies is collecting Disney and Nickelodeon things. Changing my name is one of my first steps my journey to being the true me.