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  1. Feeling put of place today as I am working as a Boy,   I feel so comfortable when I am in girl mode,  I find peace in my mind, and find I am more loving and compassionate.   I am so thankful to have a Wife that tells me I am beautiful and sexy,   A wife that lets me play with her hair and do her makeup.   Never would I imagine This transition would actually draw us closer to each other that ever before.    Sex is sex and almost anyone can have that. But Love!  Love on the other hand goes far beyond the idea to intimate encounters and Love can strengthen any relationship.    i Love L,  and I am going to try my hardest to show L how much I love her each and every day.    One Day it will Be DeeDee or Joy we aren't sure yet and L.  Mrs and Mrs L Y yep  I would put her name first.   well its onto deliver packages now.  talk to you folks later.