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  1. Viccy added a post in a topic: Female Vocabulary   

    I spoke with my doctor about this very topic and she pointed out that men tend be clipped in there responses without much intonation but women on the other hand begin each sentence/statement with their voice at one level but will always end in a slightly higher tone , I have paid attention to this and found it to be quite true . I hope this helps .
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  2. Viccy added a post in a topic: Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Okay I have an adorable Hawaian print light blue bikini but hey facts are facts and I weigh to much and really I am almost 50 and need to lose about 25 lbs I weigh 183 but that is down from 200. The only thing I have done is to cut out the burgers and other high fat foods ,lunch now is usually Subway ( turkey breast and ham w/ provalone spinach and tomato)i need to get exercise but with the hours I work (70-85 per week) I just don't have the time,just watch the caloric intake. Who knows someday I may just wear that bikini.
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  3. Viccy added a post in a topic: Spending too much money on feminine fashions   

    I don't even want to think about the money I have spent over the years before I accepted myself,even at that I have spent to much. Yesterday I went into Walmart to look for a pair of capri's and did not find them but I walked out with three bra's five tops and a necklace.
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  4. Viccy added a post in a topic: Favorite Colors   

    I love pinks and lavender but I must say I do seem to have a number of tan to brown skirts I like to mix up with brighter colours , oranges, peach and turquoise.
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  5. Viccy added a post in a topic: Going Public in the Daylight   

    Amie it is nice to read about your experiences , it gives me a bit more courage as I am on hormones and slowly creeping out of the door. I have gone out several times but never at home , I am planning to soon however.Thanks for sharing.
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  6. Viccy added a post in a topic: Why Do I Crossdress?   

    Why do I crossdress ? This is a question That I as many have been asked before , there is no easy awnser but the best awnser I can give would be that it is expressive of who I am as a person . I do not do it for any sexual or sensual reason , I do it for me , so that I can feel right in the world.
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  7. Viccy added a post in a topic: Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    I really don't like these photo's but my wife seems to think they are good

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  8. Viccy added a post in a topic: frequency of dressing   

    Joanna I understand , I would if I could go full time but it just is not possible for me so to quell the desires I underdress , that is I wear my panties and a bra evryday and I wear womans jeans and just a touch of eye shadow and mascara and my ear rings . This is what I can get away with and it lets Viccy feel alive if not satisfied . Of course when I can dress fully I am in heaven.
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  9. Viccy added a post in a topic: Excuses for friends/co-workers?   

    As for myself I am often taking a shower at work ,a locker room situation. I shave my legs evry time I shower and no one has ever said anything,and there have been many conversations when dressing/undressing. If asked I would most likely say I prefer them shaved for reasons of comfort.
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  10. Viccy added a post in a topic: I thought I would introduce myself   

    Hello evryone,I wanted to say hi as I am new to the forum. I have been dressing as long as I can remember but have only late last year admitted to myself who I am . So now it is about learning and the discovery of self. I am blessed with a wonderful wife who is not only understanding but supportive as well,sheoften buy's things for me ,helps with make up and encourages my self exploration. Thank you for accepting me here. :D
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