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  1. Updates in Finding Lisa

    By LovelyLisa, posted
    Update - 12/6/2016
    To say that a lot has happened since I last posted is an understatement. I will post more later.
    I am currently recovering from FFS surgery on Dec 2nd. I had a brow reduction & lift. Upper eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, fat transfer to the cheeks. Chin reduction and shaping and tracheal shave. Tomorrow I have an appointment to hopefully take some of the stitches out and splint on my nose..
    I have been off from work since Dec 1st and will be returning to work as Lisa on Dec 19th. I changed my name with the court and my name and gender marker on my SS card. In a few days, I will be going to the DMV and later the passport office to change my name and gender marker there as well.

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    NOTE: Dr. Zukowski provides facial feminization surgery for transgender patients.