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  1. As a cisgender Lesbian, the price for immediate interaction, as provided by the Internet, rather than meeting face to face, is a loss of community.
    It is important to maintain community.  In the age of the Internet (especially social media), cell/smart phones, and other technology, it is becoming more and more difficult.
    In the Lesbian community, as I am seeing Lesbians approaching gaining their full civil rights, I am seeing less community.
    Presently, I only see Lesbian Connection and Golden Threads, among a few others, trying to maintain community among Lesbians, and they are struggling.  Sadly, I have also noticed that most Lesbian bookstores no longer exist. 
    My great concern is, when, as transpeople achieve greater acceptance, are they going to lose community, too?
    The challenge to the TLGB community, is to maintain community as the emphasis in our society shifts from face to face to online interaction.
    In my opinion, I feel we have it reversed.  People should meet face to face PRIMARILY, and maintain contact (and community!) through technology.  The Internet should be seen as a tool to support face to face interaction, but not to supplant it.