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Observations, the female voice in LGBT M to F



With no disrespect I’ve been noticing the more I’m with cross-dressers that two things (at least from my experience in the last several years) is, the majority of cross-dressers will not transition so they are part-timers only and that they never attempt to mask their voice to female mode and one reason I believe for the voice aspect is they only do to trans-friendly establishments.

Keeping with voice, I’ve only met three post-op transgender and I’m astonished to find they don’t attempt to change their voice what-so-ever. Sure they are many transgender people that do this, myself included as this fills the package but for the life of me don’t understand when asked why they don’t the common response is “I’m happy just like this” but at the same time get frustrated when they are addressed as “he” which I’ve personally heard when out with two of them. I tell them, if you expected to live your life as a female one must put some effort into the voice else people will not treat you as female and let’s put another thing into this, if you don’t fully pass facially but sound female you will for the most part be treated as a female while fully passing physically and sounding masculine most time you will not pass but believe you have because most people will treat you that way only so to be polite.

In the end it’s their life and their decisions made in regards to a voice will either make life roll along smoothly or create pot holes.


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Hi Karen, What you say is very true and I am sure most of us would like to sound right but our aptitude and abilities vary. I know how difficult and how silly I feel when I am practising my voice. I have every sympathy but you are right we should try harder. Thank you for spurring me on. X


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Dear Karen, Chantel and Veronica,

My girlfriend of 10 years who was a pre-op transsexual, spoke softly and did not attempt an overly feminine voice (although she identified as an ultra fem Lesbian) in order to not strain her voice.  The other members of the transgender and cross dressing support groups in Tampa Bay did the same, for the same reason.  We had outing in BOTH lgb/t and Straight establishments.

To me, they were ALL ladies, and the few FTMs were ALL gentlemen!

Your friend,


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