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So I'm going at this with no prior thought other than I need to write about two woman I know.

Three weeks ago a good friend of mine was sitting in her living room and one of her dogs kept sniffing and licking her one breast. She ignored it until the dog kept doing it for two days. Had a mammogram done and sure enough cancer and to note, it runs in her family. Several days ago had surgery and being the brave person she is posted photos so that people think more of what can happen rather than simply thinking of a pink ribbon. She had ups and downs after surgery but seems to be doing okay now.

Then today, another friend (and in the same circle of friends) was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mammogram done shortly after the woman above.

Statistically speaking a woman passes every three to five minutes in the world from breast cancer.

We are not immuned from breast cancer so if you have breast that were induced by hormones get them boobies checked out and have it done regularly.

Above I indicated they are in the same circle, the three of us are defensive tactics instructors were an outstanding master (he has way too many things to list here) and we are all family from Oregon, Florida and Atlanta.

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I'm so sorry to hear that - hopefully they'll both be fine, but it's still a difficult process to go through :-(

And great point about getting checked! I've been more assertive about talking with my doctor and endocrinologist to understand what things I need to be watching for that I might not have before (of course that's also part of getting older - but never mind that!!!)



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