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Welcome to my life




Welcome to the wonderful world of my life. I hope you are sat comfortably. Please make sure your seats are in an upright position, tray tables are folded away and please keep your arm inside the vehicle at all times. If you scream, it means you want to go faster!!!

This is my first blog on here, so a little about myself. I'm Amy, I'm 32, a transgender female. I have come out to my friends and family. My friends are amazing and supportive. My parents are supportive but I think struggle a bit. My eldest brother is great. My sister and other older brother haven't spoken to me since I told them. I'm the youngest in the family.

Right now i'm unemployed. I was working at a veterinary practice but after I told them I was trans and wanted to transition, life there got very difficult. I do have an interview for an assistant job at Toni&Guy on thursday, so hopefully I can get that and move out on my own again. I am wanting a job where I can work my way up and grow as a person, in an accepting environment.

I'm not female full time yet out of respect for my family but when I move out, then I will be. I am waiting for a date of my first appointment at the Laurels gender clinic in Exeter. I have got the funding, so just waiting for a date. They said possibly september.

Well thats me in a nutshell. Hope you are all well and drop me a line if you fancy a chat or a new friend.

Peace and Love xx

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Hi Amy

What a great way to open your first blog post! It's good to hear from someone not so far away down the M5. Maybe I'll try a scream on your behalf!

So sad to hear that the vet practice couldn't cope with a transitioning employee. I hope that Toni%Guy willbe more supportive. Are you going there as openly transitioning? Also good to hear that half your family are supportive and, again, sad to hear that two of them can't cope with it.

I guess from what you say that you're still living with your parents. Finding a place of your own in the current economic climate is not easy but it sounds as though doing so will give you the freedom to fly. I don't know about keeping your arms inside the vehicle. Maybe you need to stretch them out and make them into wings!

I'm raising a glass to your flight


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