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  1. "i know our community doesnt condone violence" I know it is tough to decide but sometimes, violence and self defense are two different things. Of course physical violence to anyone for any reason should always be the absolute last resort. But unfortunately, there may be times when that decision has to be made. I hope I never have to, I would probably just cower down or something...I hate that sort of stuff. Such a shame, and the way the media just demeaned her. I have never understood how or why the general public can be so insensitive. But when you see the media, who typically trips over themselves in their efforts to be politically correct on so many other issues responding like they do in this story, it is easy to see where the insensitivity is spawned. Such a shame.
  2. "I'm starting to feel like I cannot think clearly anymore. " I know exactly how you feel. Its ok... I'm going through all of that myself. I'm sure all on this forum have at one time or another. At this time I can no longer function normally. Every waking second of every day, my need to be open and honest is over shadowing any perceived discomfort associated with admitting to the world who I am. It is ALL I THINK ABOUT!!! Constantly! I cant go from room to room without being distracted by my own thoughts on this subject. It has been all I have been able to think about for more than five years. This is why I know now is the right time for this. The pain of hiding far exceeds any possible pain the truth may bring.. I am no expert, but I believe you being open and honest with yourself first, as you are being, is the first step into making sense of how we feel. Hang in there, you/we will be ok Karin'
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