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  1. So if you read the site at the bottom it says they shut down the site because of backlash... If they are so big and powerful and supported by ngos why did they close down the comments? If what they published is true then why shut it down? Dear reader, Due to the increasing number of users engaging in personal attacks, spam, trolling and abusive comments, we are no longer able to host our forum as a site for constructive and intelligent debate. It is with regret, therefore, that we have found ourselves forced to suspend the commenting function on our articles. The Moscow Times remains committed to the principle of public debate and hopes to welcome you to a new, constructive forum in the future. Regards, The Moscow Times Also, why is this not in russian? I mean if its for russians why is it in english? ​They also failed to publish the law to what they were referring too. Enough of these childish conspiracies, just post up the facts the with the law you are referring to. I have posted facts and even a law.. http://www.ebrd.com/downloads/research/news/lit092d.pdf ^According to russian laws... All laws are public.^ The fact not one of these media outlets you post could provide its readers with info or a link to the law is an insult to their readers. If you can't keep this a mature convo and provide facts to what you are talking about your just being counter productive and spreading miss-info. I gave you proof and facts to back up my claims. Keep blaming russia and the boogieman for things that aren't true. Mean while this is what our tax paying money is supporting. Nazis in kiev violently attacking the LGBT community and telling them to not join the government or to do it quietly or else. http://www.newrepublic.com/article/117170/lgbt-rights-sidelined-after-ukrainian-revolution READ IT^ Watch the video of the attack the LGBT community suffered because of the government we support in kiev. When they start mass murdering the LGBT community in western ukraine, because that is what nazis do.. Its people like you who blindly followed propaganda and cheered it along. You purposely ignored the links i posted that show real events not being covered, and defended a story that is completely made up. With zero source material. Btw Rt (russianTv news) never covered the story your referring too at all lol. They have the most viewers around the world. I wonder why that russian news agency never reported it. Since that one did as you claim. If you want to go off the deep end and play x-files you can do that by your self.
  2. http://www.newrepubl...nian-revolution Why has this violent crime against the LGBT gone un-noticed by the western media? The new nazi government my government is supporting is openly against and violently trying wiped out LGBT people. Not one story and the event took place weeks ago. Theres video of the damage from the attack. Why is nato and the us supporting a country ruled by nazis posed to start violently wiping out LGBT people? The russian invasion… the west said took over crimea was a base that the russians have in crimea since the 60's and as agreed upon the un treaty to bring down the berlin wall and end the cold war. russia was allowed to keep its bases in crimea and the us and nato can keep there bases in the baltic and the around the black sea. It was a fair deal. The us violated that treaty you can look up at the un.org You can see how the us and nato violated the agreement. Also I would like to point out if russian bases in crimea in an invasion then by that same definition the us is invading japan, korea, germany italy, africa, act... We need better education in the USA. That site is a blog not a paper. It is not even creditable. Why is it in english?
  3. The story is a lie. I can't find any source outside of the western media. Its pure propaganda most likely to demonize russia for stepping in and blocking our invasion of syria. also i would like to point out that the russian invasion of ukraine is also total BS. Where are the thousands of tanks jets and millions of troops invading ukraine? I have not seen one picture/video. the human right watch report says its made up. there are russians there, but its special ops deep undercover. which what we do around the world with the CIA. In that same report it says keiv is committing warcrimes and we are funding it all the way. Human rights watch has video of canadian and us snipers and special forces shooting and bombing towns in eastern ukraine. these people are just driving going about their business. To quote a canadian spec ops troop in ukraine after bombing innocent people just driving around town "get that f'n camera out of my face." http://www.hrw.org/n...mmitment-reform http://www.hrw.org/w.../ukraine?page=2 Human right watch keeps track of all crimes against humanity and well documents crimes against trans people better then any country in the world. They provide evidence and links to there findings. What bothers me is they are using trans-folk to push war. Its disgusting. So whats been replied to is just tea say is not proving that it exist at all. I would like to point out that why is it that only the publishers of this story have seen this law. All of these publishers are outside of russia. So my question is how would they know? They can't even in any of the stories post a link to where the law was seen or read. If I said that the us government was trying pass a law outlawing bullet proof vests and helmets based only going on my words alone would you believe me? Well you don't have to. https://www.congress...e-bill/378/text If you read the bill it only allows the police and government to have bullet proof vests. So my question here is why would the us government want to prevent americans from buying something that they could protect them selves with? in our last fiscal bill of 2015 past last month. we are giving these nazis 40 billion USD. I will remind you nazis believe in killing all transgendered people. I find this more alarming then banning someone from driving. Another question i have more my sisters… Are you not bothered by our government funding and helping nazis? The same people who would kill all trans-genders with out a second thought? What about trans-genders in western ukraine? Who is protecting from a nazi controlled government? Not nato or the EU or the USA. I hope for the best on all sides. All sides, russia and nato are bad and no one is the good guy here. In war everyone loses. I would prefer if we stopped all efforts to kill people in the sake of war. In my personal opinion USA, EU, Nato should not be funding nazis. Anyone who disagrees with that. Agrees with nazis, that all LGBT peoples should be killed and wiped out for simply existing. Usernameoptional, I think your opinion is honest I disagree with everything you said. Because we are free people and it is our responsibility to know the laws in our land and the places we travel to. Its common sense. All laws are public or else how are governments expected to maintain order in any country. I do a lot of traveling outside of the US and I am given a run down by customs at the airport in any country I visit to know the laws. Usually it is in the form of a small booklet. Most jobs ask you to research local laws before working in those countries. If your visiting its your responsibility to know those laws by buying or taking out a book. Usually travel books have detailed instructions on what to know when traveling to said country.
  4. I did ask them. They told me they had no idea what I was talking about. Anyways I would still like to see how they legally worded the part about trans-genders. Even if it does exist it would be great to see how lawyer/politians worded it. It would be helpful information so if another country tries to do a ban on trans-genders from x,y,z, we know how it is worded. Which would allow them to bypass human rights laws. Anyways thanks for the info :)
  5. Hmmm, I read russian laws before. hehe. google translate helps a lot. I just can't find the actual law that the story is referring to. It would be helpful if they list the name or ref# of the law. The story would been more helpful by providing links to the law. Its silly that this person who wrote the story is the only person in the western world t to have seen it. It would be expected that all laws of any country are public information or that would defeat the purpose of a law. I am going to guess this russian law is public information as the writer of the story knows about it. Contacting the writer is pointless.. sorry. If this is just anti russian propaganda to support natos efforts in ukraine.. I am disgusted that trans-folk like us are being used as a shield/tool to push war.. FYI I have russian friends in russia they are gay and trans and they don't even bring this up. They live public lives as trans in russia so I really find this hard to believe.
  6. Can you please provide the actual legal documentation on this law? I would love to go over it. As it would be very important to understanding laws around the globe that are facing against trans-folk. I have yet to actually see this law.. I looked it up and it seems bogus and looks like another click bait story to draw traffic. I would seriously like to see the wording of such a law. Maybe a thread can come from that, that list other (Actual legal documents) of laws passed around the globe against trans-folk. I think it would be beneficial for a trans-folk/persons. to understand a know the actual legal wording and documents that are used against them.. News stories just don't cut it. News stories is all propaganda and its she said he said stuff. Which doesn't help anyone.
  7. America loves say how better they are then the rest of the world on equal rights… As we can see we are one of the worst. This one of the many issues facing the U.S.A. Other then cops hunting down people of color and cops pulling guns out on kids enjoying an old fashion game of snow ball. What was her crime again? Being poor? Seems like thats the only reason she's in jail. Wait what am i saying? hehe Silly me how was the Super Bowl?
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