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    My interests are varied and range from simple to sublime. Lately, my primary interest has encompassed exploring makeup options and building up my "foundation" shape wear and garments. Other interests include reading, running (avid half-marathon runner), tuning and driving my Challenger SRT, cooking, and exploring the world of prohibition era cocktails. I'm also active on FetLife.

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  1. Shewear, I'm very happy for you! Thanks for sharing your positive feedback. You and I appear to be of almost identical build and proportions. I'm also 6'2" and my chest measures 34" (without my breast forms). I also have the long, gangling arms which definitely precludes many options for ladies fashion. I've often considered attempting to find a nice, discreet alterations shop that can add material to a garment to provide more sleeve length, but this seems like an expensive, difficult undertaking. Davi
  2. I really enjoy Marc Jacob's, "Daisy". It has a light, sweet, floral scent that is not too overpowering. Likewise, I find J'adore to be quite fun. However, despite my affinity for these two fragrances, I must admit that my all-time, favorite perfume is White Diamonds...I know, I know, some people consider it old and out-dated, or even "old lady" perfume, but despite these nay-sayers' criticism of Elizabeth Taylor's signature fragrance, I find it absolutely divine. Nothing makes me feel sexier quite as well. Davi
  3. Hi ladies, Just curious if anyone has some insight on how I might enhance the appearance of my feet (toes) and hands (fingers). I'm mostly interested in options that allow for temporary nails to be affixed for painting to adorn my appendages. Moreover, if anyone has any tips on how to make manly feet and hands softer, smoother, and generally more feminine, I'd love to hear about it. Davi
  4. Hello all, In my on-going efforts to enhance my femininity, I've enlisted the help of a straight, biological, cis woman. I turned to Craigslist to "hire" someone willing to help me better understand makeup and women's fashion. After several false starts and sifting through several frauds, fakes, and phonies, I've finally met with a lady who is very interested in my transformation process and is sympathetic to the difficulties I've faced. Her name is Lisa. Lisa is a 50 y/o married lady who has experience in helping her friends get ready for social events such as weddings, photo shoots, etc. Although she is ten years my senior, I actually find this to be an advantage, because she can help me select clothing and jewelry that is more age appropriate. I am very eager to go shopping with Lisa, because of her age, as well as the fact that she is a nice looking woman, I think it will help serve as "social camouflage" for me while she helps me sort through women's clothing at the local mall. Plus, just having someone who can offer a sincere, unbiased opinion on what looks good and doesn't should help temper my male-biased sense of ladies fashion choices... Has anyone else, here, ever enlisted the help of sympathetic cis women to assist in their transformation? Any tips or advice? Davi
  5. Thank you so much for mentioning the Patty Boutik site. I have yet to brave department stores to actually look at and try on ladies clothing. A big part of my hesitation is that I know many garments I like just won't fit due to my height. I'm encouraged to get online shopping a try, before going to a brick and mortar store, and the PB site has some very nice outfits. Thanks for sharing! Davi
  6. Hello ladies, I discovered this forum, quite by accident, and finally decided to join this site, just so I could interact with other trans/CD women of taller stature. I'm encouraged by what I have read here, thus far and am delighted to learn that their are others "out there" who struggle with the same issues as me. I am 6'2" tall. Sometimes, depending on who takes the measurement, I can reach 6'3". As a male, I find my height to be ideal and can't imagine being of average or diminutive stature. However, as a CD, I find my altitude to be quite problematic. I'm only just beginning to explore my femine side, playing around with make-up and undergarments, but I have also done a lot of preliminary investigating into women's fashion, because I eventually hope to look passable "enough" to brave going out in public. I'm quite discouraged by what I've seen so far. I feel a daunting sense of dread that my fashion options will be limited, due to my larger height. Sure, there are some sites out there that cater to taller women, but even they often fall short of meeting the needs of a 6'2" male frame. Fortunately, I have a thin physique, which I am grateful for. I run a lot and eat well, so I do not have a belly bulge and my weight is suitable to fit into many female garments. I have not attempted to wear women's footwear yet, however, and I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified by the prospect of attempting to find fashionable footwear that looks good. As many of you have already suggested, heels are almost entirely out of the question. I've entertained the idea of trying out some simple 2" wedges, but can only imagine how I'll look at 6'4"... My goal for the summer is to "put myself together" well enough to be able to go to a secluded nearby lake, in a nice one-piece bikini, with or whithout heels. I'd also like to be able to find some nice dresses or (in my dreams) some sexy leggings or women's jeans and a nice top. At present, I'm still just enjoying wearing lingerie and applying makeup and wigs at home, but I long to go outside and enjoy life as a woman. Any help, thoughts, or insight you all can share is greatly appreciated. "Davi"
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