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Gentle Reconstruction



Your world can change immensely in one day. Days, months, and years of trepidation gall away once the switch changes. Decisions, once made and committed to redefine the way we engage with the world.

in March 2015, I boarded a train for Montreal to take me to the Centre Métropolitain de Chirugie where my body world be transformed for the last time.

The record of my musings was recorded in this existing blog. If You like what I wrote, please let me know. I may continue at tgguide.


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My stars! Thank you for letting me know. Now it's public, and I have an explanation for the abysmally low traffic to the blog :-p

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Hi Tara,

Welcome to TGGuide. I enjoyed reading your blog, I liked your style and openness. Congratulations on your transition! I suppose it feels like it's all downhill from here? I hope so and hope you're doing well.

For me, I'm less likely to go to a blog outside of TGG. Call me lazy but I tend to read what I see here and comment if I'm compelled. No matter, you're welcome to join and add your voice. Please do!



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Thank you so much for sharing - it was incredibly interesting!  Especially as I'm moving towards HRT shortly (in the next few weeks) and am starting to think seriously about GRS.  Reading about personal experiences is so incredibly helpful (recognizing that everyone's experience is a little different).



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Hiya Tara. Wow. What an Extremely Brilliant, and Informative, and Interesting Blog. Tara, I Only Came-Out, as Transsexual, on 30th. April, 2015. So I Am Only at the Start, of My Long Journey. Many, Many, Congratulations, on Your Transition; GRS; and Journey Into Womanhood !  I Hope that All is Going Well with You. Please let Me Know.  I Am in the UK, so I Know that things are done, slightly differently here.  Tara Take Care, and Very Best Wishes to You. Regards, Stephanie. 




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