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It's a day of Thanks, but yet it is sometimes a hard thing to be thankful for

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Today is , well, suppose to be a day to give thanks for many things, but for this to be the true notion of freedom and cause for giving thanks.... Do we and are we truelly given these things I feel this answer to be no....Due to this thought I feel a bit un thankful, I know I have so many freadoms now that just a few years ago I was not privey to... But are we truelly free to be all we need and want to be free from... I feel this is just an ellusion given to us by the governing bodies, If they truelly wanted to give the freedoms they speak of then I feel we would have the right to say lets do this , its not interfearing or hurting others thus it should be our freedom to choose. The presuite of happiness this right is supposably given to us but not allowed by so many stipulations and laws forbiding it, it appears to me that the governing bodies feel as though they are smarter and wiser then we are and this giving them the powers and controls to dictate to us our lives.

Does this hinder us from our abillities to eventually accomplish what will truelly make us free and happy no but it does limit us from doing so in a more timely fassion..I am in some ways thankful that inspite of it all I will be given the choice to finish my persuites but the time it takes makes us a little weary to enjoy and truelly be thankful for the journey , because it is an arjurous one bringing times that make us truelly sorry for this task but the time is passing and we make it thru it maybe a little stronger and wiser I hope this to be true for everyone that transitions, for if not learn and grow from it then are we no better off then we were before attempting to gain this freedom from this dark place so many of us have been held captive ... Will we truelly feel that our freedoms were worth giving thanks for the opportunity to endure this I hope so for if not I think it might make so many feel ungratified and no better off then they were before transitioning... I hear so many on both sides of transition talk about how things are and so many that transition are considerably more ville and bitter then they were before attempting to undergo all of this that we go thru to get free from this darkness....

I feel for them because I know what they have undergone to get to the other side and yet they are no more thankful to be there then they were when they started. I really hope that I will be strong enough to finish this life without the remorce that others have shared with the world.. I merely want to complete this journey with my joy and humor they are what keep me going at times I get down in the darkness and forget them but I eventually come out of the haise better for it, I guess I should be thankful for this because without the opportunity to have expierianced it I would not have grown to be a better person....

So I suppose in all reallity I am Thankful, Thankful for the opportunity to have met all of you and to have had you guide me and me to have helped just one other make it thru and thankful for doing so.. So many are and never will complete transition for many reasons and they are stuck in the saddness unable to go forward nor to return to their past.. I hope for theeir sakes they can get some sort of happiness out of their lives and be thankful as well...

I just want to Thank you all and tell you I am and will always be Thankful to call you all friends, and family.... Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas as well.... I can hope for the new year that is growing ever closer that we all can and will helps others to a better place in their lives, like so many of you have done for me..

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