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The Girl at White Drift



So this week has been an 'up and down' sort of week. Frustrations at work and generally getting annoyed at how I look has been the story of the week.

One of the things I do enjoy though is getting out on my lunch break and taking photo's around the city, those little things that people generally walk past daily and fail to notice. So I have been out doing that. I will upload some photographs in the coming weeks.

I've also managed to find myself a quiet place where I can go and get a coffee and generally be ignored and watch the world pass by. 

I suppose I should add a little more about me, so this is taken from my profile page on another site:

I am a transgender female who will not be transitioning anytime in the near future. There I said it!

For FAQs see bottom of profile!

After a number of incidents in my childhood, which I let define me for too long I was fortunate enough to find someone who actually loves me for being me, and someone I could equally love back.

I have had a lot of friends go through transition and lose their families and loved ones as a result. It would be psychologically detrimental for me to do that, having spent so long being neglected.

Having spent so many years trying to be something I wasn't I legally changed my name to give me more of an androgynous feel and to help me be who I am on the inside.

Educationally I am due to begin my Masters program shortly but as well as the more serious subject matter I have also taken night classes in Skin Care, Beauty and Make Up as well as dress making. My guilty pleasures are Art Galleries and Fashion Magazines.

I am also a big fan of Twitter and more can be gleaned about me from https://twitter.com/TGcharlotte if you really must.

Having moved from the UK, where I used to go out in Manchester I now find myself living in what I consider to be the best place in the world.It hasnt been an easy journey in my 40 years but I am now moderately at peace with myself.

Obviously I still have those bad days but I have learnt to enjoy life as me.

I am happy to support newbies so please feel free to message me.

And that's just about me other than the regulatory 5'11 hazel eyes and bergundy hair :)

Take care and be safe



Am I full time?

I am a female in the wrong shaped body. I am full time in terms of being a human being who just happens to be female. Please understand, clothes are just clothes, wearing women's clothing doesn't make me a woman, my brain has first call on that.

Do I like Men?

No, I am not sexually attracted to men at all. I like women, confusing I know but try being me, or my wife, how do you even begin to define that relationship other than its a loving one.

What will you talk about?

Fashion, music, social and behavioral psychology

What won't you talk about?

Anything to do with sex, sport or car engines




Recommended Comments

Charli, Hiya, I Am Steph. I Am in Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire, in the UK.  I Am 14 Week's "Out" as MtoF Transsexual !  The Fact that You are Happy being You, and have a Loving Wife, is All that matters, apart From Your Health. If You have Good Health, that is Good !  Your Photograph is Lovely. Like You, I Am 5'11" Tall; with Hazel Eyes. I Am a UK Size 12, and have Dark Brown Hair, in A Pony Tail.  I Wish You All The Very Best For The Future, I hope All goes Well for You. Take Care, Regards, Stephanie.


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aww thank you both for your comments. I hope your journeys through this thing we called life are full of more ups than downs.


take care. xoxo

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Hiya Charli. Sorry You are having Server problems. I Know What It Is Like, When You Are unable, to get on Your Internet.  Please feel free, to stay in touch with Me, anytime Sweetheart.  You Really do have a very pretty face, and lovely appealing Hazel Eyes, and lovely Hair !  I Hope that Life also has More Up's, than Down's, for You Also. It Is Good to Hear from You Charli, You Sweetie. Take Care, Best Wishes, Steph. xoxo.


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