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The Taming of Nurse Conway




The weekend is almost over here, it's been a strange kind of weekend. Went to see the new Mission Impossible, which I would say is worth seeing if only because the other option is Fantastic Four. If you have ever seen James Bond, Casino Royale (the latest version) or have seen anything with Tom Cruise in it before, it's probably worth just going down to your local video store or online provider and just watch one of those instead.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of options in terms of new material movies around. They are either reboots or recent movies or just nothing which is breaking the ground. Even the Stonewall movie is getting bad press for being historically inaccurate (wait! Hollywood re-writing history.....I am shocked).

On the smaller screen I am just about to sit down and watch the second installment of I am Cait which has had mixed reviews. Will stick with it and see how things go, but I am not really a committed TV programme watcher. I tend to wait for it to come out on box set or just lose interest.

Whilst we are on about Caitlyn, somebody sent a 'funny' joke on Facebook earlier.......not that funny to be honest. But probably typifies why there will always be issues with being seen as 'different'.

Anyway, as promised, have uploaded a few pics I have taken around the city the past week or so. If you like them I'll try and add some more as i take them.

Have a good week

Take care
















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Your pictures are really nice, you have a good eye for photography!

As for "I am cait," I watched episode 2 and was generally happy with it - with a couple of reservations - but I won't risk spoiling it for you :)



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Dear Charli,

Also am fascinated by lighting.  Loved visiting lighting stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  The autistic man I cared for was also into lighting, so he gave me a great excuse to visit all kinds of lighting stores, when he got away from me and I had to go looking for him. The managers of lighting stores were ALWAYS very kind in helping me find him, and I gave them my name, phone and address to all of them, because I did not want them to call the police to find his family (me).  Thanks to him, I got to know many lighting stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn!  By the way, the police in both Florida and NYC were very good about helping me find him, although I was lucky enough to beat them to it almost every time!  LOL!

Yours truly,


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Hi Monica,

Thats awesome.

I'm planning on visiting NY soon. As a local where are the best/must see places to go? Will be there 10 days.

Will be doing some of the tourist places and Museum of Modern Art. I also have a dare to go full on I ♥ NY so hats, tee, shorts, bag etc. 


All tips greatly appreciated. 






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If you're interested in a trans meet-up, there's one that meets at the Stonewall every Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. (then moves across the street to the Monster at around 8:30).  We play pool, chat, etc.

And if you're here on August 25 you could come see me do drag :-)

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Dear Christie and Charli,

Here are some resources that I recommend for free/inexpensive activities in NYC:











Highly recommend the US $80.00 pass, as it will allow you to get past lines.  In NYC, because of the crowds, your TIME IS MONEY, so don't think waiting in long lines for a "free" event will save you money . . . because some "free" events are on your NYC pass, but the advantage will be that you will go to the head of the line.  

Will get you the website for Air bnb, because the hotels in NYC are PROHIBITIVE!  The owners of Air bnb are very knowledgeable about the city, and they will help you plan your days to make the most of them.

Will write again soon with information about air bnb.

Yours truly,


Edited by MonicaPz
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Charli, Hiya Love. Your Photography, Sweetheart, is Outstanding.  Your Eye For Interesting Architecture and Building's, is second to none !  You Are A Lovely Person Charli, and I look forward to seeing More of Your Wonderful Photography, Very Soon. Charli, Take Care, And Best Wishes To You Too ! Regards, Stephanie. xoxo


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Oh wow,

that's some really cool information and very much appreciated. I'm a consumate planner so that gives me plenty of things to try and squeeze in.

Will keep you posted on how things progress :)


take care xoxo


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Charli, Hiya Love. It Looks Like You Are Falling For New York, In A Big Way ! L.O.L.  When are You Visiting N.Y., then Charli ?  I Am in the UK, and I have never been to the U.S.A.  You Never Know. One Day Maybe !  I Am sure You will enjoy "The Big Apple", when You get there !  There Will Be Lots That You will be Able to Photograph, Charli Love. Speak Soon, Take Care, Best Wishes, Steph. xoxo


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Charli, I love the photograph of the "I Heart NYC" T-Shirts.  Only in NYC have I seen the RESIDENTS wear such shirts and accessories, where in OTHER cities, only TOURISTS wear such items!  LOL!!

Edited by MonicaPz
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