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just a glimps

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I am just a normal woman staining daily to make the right choices, How can I be sure I am making the correct ones can I even make a difference will I make it out of this with my brain intack, it ackes with the pain I feel my tears flow like rain my head at the point of bursting thoughts roll around like a land slide crashing into other thoughts and creating an overwelming sence of anquish and doubt..... The time it passes and slowely a tear turnes into a river of raging waters salty and bitter to taste washing down my face I know the pains they carry away washing away any signs I might have shown to the outside world but yet still hidden within the pain grows again waiting for its chance to over take the dams I have placed to hold them back , and yet again they fail as I do and have in the past.... trying to simply hold them in is overwelming in its self .... The pain crashes into life again will it take me this time or can I withstand the battering I take again ..... It hurts and it must be released or I will fail , Will I fall sucoming to the pain or is this not an opption , opptions are lifes choices and I have no choice I am strong enough I can and will make it I must or it is all for not and I cant let this be my epitath for those I surround myself would not understand what pain I endure and I cant show them for they would become sorrowed as I have and this is not a legacy to inherant nor one I would want to pass on to those I have such love and admiration for.

A tear is a small amount of liquid dispelled from our bodies they are the carriers of our pains our joys and our thoughts they flow from us gathering what they must to help us deal with what ever takes us at that moment they begin to flow, they flow like rivers and fall as individuals , as we all are... We can take a lesson from our tears they like us are strong as individuals and even stronger as a river when they are accompanied by others, we can be strong on our own but with others along we can move mountains ....

I want to Thank all those along for the support they have given this last year, and hope to continue in the coming years, you have held my hand and wiped away my tears giving me hope to continue on, It shall not take me becasue with the loving support you have given I have become strong as a river , and an even stronger woman....My heart goes out to you my friends this holiday season I give you all my love and best wishes in your daily lives.

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:)Lovely words and sincere. When I was growing up I never understood why some people wanted to go to a sad movie to have a good cry. Now that I am older there has been more time between my chances for a good cry. It seems that crying is certainly natures way of relieving tension and I actually wish I could get better in touch with it again. Most tears reflect sadness and suffering but some people suffer without tears and a lot more physical anxiety. I hope you never see your softness as a weakness for being able to cry as a form of coping is certainly a strength. Thank you for you openness.

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Thank you my dear, tears are anything but weakness .... They are the strongest thing I know they can hold every emotion every thought and every feeling , they bring us relief and joy .... Thank you sorry I know you added this a long time back but I am just wondering through my tidbits and wanted to reply to those I missed... Huggs

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