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Drawing To Distract Myself From Dysphoria



    I have been having really bad dysphoria, but to distract myself I drew some anime characters, whom are males, from my favorite anime Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin. It honestly helps me to relax, just like singing. 1448779225490417425316.thumb.jpg.d55a0401448779197043-1213330345.thumb.jpg.edd21↑↑ those are the drawings. They both took me a long time, but I think Levi took me a bit longer...


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Nicely done sir, I can see talent in your drawings and also may be the dysphoria in them with regards to facial expressions. Have you thought about doing a diary along with drawing pictures? Many times pictures and words tell a story better than we ourselves can with the spoken word, gives the reader time to pause and think about what they read and see and may be this might help with your parents getting a better idea what you are going through and possibly in the future a therapist trained to work with trans youth.

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Hiya Jackson. You are certainly very talented Young Man. Well Done. I agree with Karen, about being able to see the dysphoria, in them, with regards to facial expressions. Karen has also made an excellent suggestion, in regards to keeping a diary. It might help. Jackson, at least You are doing something constructive, with Your time, by doing Your Drawing's Young Man. You have got a Real Talent there. I wish that I could draw like that. ( Technical Drawing's I can do, but, I was taught to do those, by a Mate, when I was only around 10 Year's of Age. He was a Professional Draughtsman. ).  Jackson, keep up with the brilliant drawing's, and I would love to see some more. Jackson, Take Care Young Man, and My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. 

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Nice drawings.  And I think you may not be the only one here that draws as a distraction from dysphoria.   It's very easy to get totally absorbed and lost in your work.  I know - I do it... but it took someone else to point it out to me.


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