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Updates and Snowflakes



It's always fun updating lol

Also I want to add in that today is the anniversary 125th of Wounded Knee in North Dakota :( 

So not much has happened aside from this was probably the best, most uneventfully drama-lacking christmas I've ever had. Best. Christmas. Ever.

So my visit with my family went better than expected. Some (if not all) my xmas presents from my mom and siblings were to Ren, not Kristy, which was awesome. My older sister took me upstairs and said "the girls are going to call you a little of both. I told them they can call you whatever they want, Ren or Kristy, Aunt or not. I'm leaving it up to them so dont get mad if they mess up because I'm not taking a side on the name until you're "officially" done." (officially meaning when I somehow dig up 9k$ for my surgery >...> 

I told her that I dont care what the kids call me because yes, theyre children, and it'll take time. The only person that annoys the crap out of me with "kristy" calling is HER, not the kids. Naturally she ignored the whole comment entirely and misnamed me all night, but I chose to ignore her since everyone else was being awesome about it. Which is insanely rare.


Christmas with justins family was hosted at his brother Adam's house, which was great because both Adam and his fiance Tressa both chose to call me Ren as requested, and eventually the other people at the house also did it so as not to piss Tressa off (She is NOT the person you want to piss off lol). So it was nice ^_^


It all went great and things have been super uneventful for the most part lol Gifts were great (though not necessary lol) and Alex has been busy with an adult coloring book we got of Mandalas. Also let him buy in-game money for his IMVU account lol And although I had a HUGE falling out with our mutual friend Destinee, I am totally find with him talking to her on a daily basis. I actually prefer it because although we dont seem to get along and for some reason I cant handle talking to ANYONE.....(Literally, anyone. I have zero friends that I text or talk to because talking to anyone seems to instantly annoy me no matter what the conversation is) I like the idea of him talking to her and keeping her company. I still care about her, I just cant handle talking to people anymore. Not sure why. I think it's better I just not talk to her and avoid hurting her entirely. At least she has Alex now...they seem to be good friends. Sometimes I wonder if she was originally Alex's friend to begin with, not mine...I care about her, a lot. And I want her safe and happy more than anything. I just dont feel like my imbalanced attitude and spats of random asshole-ness was a benefit to her at all. I dont like making her feel like I hate her. I dont hate her.

Anyway, recent drama is my younger sibling Kai :( I wont go into detail but I'm looking into maybe having the State of VT release Kai to me as his legal guardian due to abuse. I'll need to look more into it...Wish me luck. Hope everyone had a good christmas and has a happy new year.





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Hey Ren,

Good on you, bro. You're looking and sounding terrific and I'm glad to hear you had a relatively drama-free Christmas. Remember a year ago? Wow, we were both in the mixing bowl trying to deal with things. So on that note 2015 turned out pretty good. I hope you and Justin and Kai have a fantastic 2016.



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Hiya Ren. I Am glad that Christmas went okay for You. Ren, that is a great Photograph Young Man. Good Luck with Your Quest to become Kai's Legal Guardian. It just goes to show what a Loving. and Caring Brother that You are. Ren, I will take this opportunity to wish You. Justin, and Kai, A Very Happy and Peaceful New Year For 2016. Good Health, Good Luck, and Every Happiness to You All. Ren, Please let Us know how You are All doing. Ren, Take Care, With My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xoxo 

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It actually is my facebook photo XD (just ask if you wanna be added!) And the photo was taken on Christmas Day ^_^ only time I'm allowed to wear a tie, but I didnt actually get to wear it out anywhere. (Was asked not to)
Thanks for all the comments ladies!


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