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Hiya Blair Jamie. As always Sweetheart, a fantastic Blog. Your words of advice are very sensible, and informative. ( By the way, it would be great if Make-Up could be put on at break-neck-speed like that, Laugh Out Loud. ). I used to do a massive amount of Walking, but unfortunately, due to Osteo- Arthritis in My Spine, and Left-Hip, I Am restricted, in how far that I Can Walk. However, as I do enjoy walking, I do walk, so that I keep mobile. Blair Jamie. I do Like Your hat. But, at least You are able to put Your hair in a Pony-Tail. My own hair is getting long, and in the warmer weather, I do put it in a Pony-Tail. Blair Jamie, Please keep the Blog's coming. You really ARE a Great Young Lady. Blair Jamie, Good Health, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx 

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I really don't think that you need make-up, your face is very femme and is accentuated by your long slender neck, makes me feel very inadequate with my very male short thick neck !

I think that you'd do better using video for practical things such as make-up and clothes / colours that go together, hair care, nails, shoes, outfits etc.. Just talking about abstract things such as confidence is perhaps better done as typed words? Umms and errs would then be omitted perhaps?, and people can more easily refer back to previous points in your dialogue. Think of it like trying to give a stranger directions of where to go, unless they have an extremely retentive memory a lot of the directions will be forgotten by the time they have done three turnings...............If you are determined to do it via u-tube then consider doing shorter videos on one subject at a time, and be concise and repeat what the message or point that you are wanting to make. An old saying in instructing is; tell 'em what your going to tell 'em; tell 'em; then tell 'em what you told 'em.



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Dear Blair Jamie,

Absolutely LOVE your informative videos, even though I am not transgender (I am a cisgender Lesbian).

Would like to add what gets me out of a blue funk is watching funny DVDs and going to a comedy club (sitting in the back) with a friend or lover.  Be sure to check in advance that the show is clean, as some comedy club reviews can be raunchy and unkind.

Your friend,


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