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Dear Brigsby,

I can hardly imagine the feelings you are experiencing and I'm saddened to consider how hard all this must be for you. I'm sure you've thought it all through countless times. I wonder if you've also talked with a therapist who understands you and your situation much better than we ever would? Sometimes it helps to have a trusted 3rd party to brainstorm with.

Regardless, it's good to hear from you and I hope we can provide assurance that you're part of a supportive community of brothers and sisters.



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I want to echo veronicabeta's happiness you shared with us.  I also really want to validate the sadness you must  feel not being comfortable sharing this milestone with family.  My heart goes out to you.  I am sending compassion to you and wish you the best with the surgery.  <3 Luna

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I hope you have a healthy, safe surgical experience with no complications!  I"m so sorry you can't share with your family, I know what that is like and how sometimes it's really h hard not to wish you had a family that actally cared.  *Hugs*  I made a new family along the way, and I wish you all the joys and love a family by choice can bring to you also!

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that's sad, but families rarely live up to the hype or expectations. most of us can freely share very little with family and feel truly supported, much less something like that... and by most, i mean in the whole world, not just the transgender realm. i have always found my support from friends, especially my girlfriend. hope your excitement and joy far outweigh the sadness/disappointment part. that is so great and brave!

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