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Out for the night



So I went out to a party tonight with a friend and made some more ... lately I have been introducing myself as Luna and its been great to hear that name when people introduce me... sure the pronouns thing is taking some work cause unless some one explicitly says she her everyone assumes I am male.  It's okay though one thing at a time ... i went out to a party had some wine and got to go shopping picked up a thing or two and just generally had a good night.


Hope everyone else is well too.  I also uploaded a picture.


Seeya all next time


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Hi Luna,

Good to hear you had a nice time. It feels good to receive affirmations from friends and new friends, doesn't it? I looked for your new photo but didn't find it. Did you forget to do it? Anyway I'm happy for you. Have a nice weekend!



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there is something in a name... something powerful in its sound and relation to identity, so it must feel so good, validating, and accepting to hear others call you luna, which is much more your true name than anyone else gave or could give you.

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