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Impatiently Waiting



How's it goin' people? I figured I'd update all you guys on what's been going on lately. So I had my appointment with Dr. Feins in Manchester NH for a surgery consultation for my top surgery. I felt like my head was gonna explode with having to wait for it to get here, then that morning I was dreading it the whole 2 hour ride. I did NOT want to take my shirt off and have him take pictures of my chest. Believe me, it was torment to wait and drive closer and closer, yet I didnt dare go home and chicken out.

Thankfully this was just an update for last year's consultation so when I got there, he said he'd just use last years pictures since nothing's changed and he already knew about the 'underboob' rashes from the heat and trapped sweat from  my balloons of hell.

Which was extremely relieving lol I was prepared to strip down to my jeans and have them take pictures and then hate myself the rest of the day, so when he said 'you're fine, I'll just use our last photos', I wanted to give him a hug lol

He seemed a lot more confident in my new insurance and said that they normally dont have any problems getting approved for surgeries with them. (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield). I really really wanna say 'okay, no worries, it'll be fine' but a HUGE part of me is seriously doubting all of it. I'm always afraid that I'm going to get denied and told no, and it's probably because I'd been denied so many times. I want to be optimistic but I really do not want to get my hopes up either. 


Anyway, we had the whole thing done in no time (Justin was with me this time and he likes Dr.Feins, he thinks he's cool) and we sat down in the next office to do insurance prep papers (which I didnt have to do last time). I'm really really hoping that this is going to work, but I dont dare test my luck on this either. Ugh, I hate this! Now I have to wait god-knows how many weeks for the to decide and let me know if I'm due for pathetic pouting or excited bawling. 

And anyone who knows me knows that I do not do patience very well. 


Really hoping :( 



Btw: Treadmill walking seems to be helpin out a little XD



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Hi Ren! :)

Think you handled it like a boss. Hoping it comes up roses for ya! Vi & I send our love. Also, someone needs some new jeans! Well Done! :) 



​Hi Ren. I agree with Veronica. You did handle it like a Boss - Very Professional. Well Done Young Man. I Am glad that Justin was with You as well. Ren, fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for You, and hopefully You will Not have to wait for too long. Your top Photograph, shows what a Very Handsome Young Man that You are. The second Photograph shows how well that You are doing with the Treadmill. You could always donate any larger clothes to Charity. Ren, I hope that Alex and everyone else are All well, also, I hope that Justin is keeping well also. Ren, It Is always good to hear from You. All the Best to Alex and everyone else. Ren, You and Justin Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx 

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I've had feeling like you are having and can complete understand where you are coming from. Like you, I don't do patience very well either. 

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