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Day one



Today  is day one in the 2nd step of my journey ,  I have offically started HRT  as of 11:39 am eastern time . and this woman could not be happier right now as this is a long awaited step i wanted a waited for so many years  , in disbelief i keep check to see that i really do have a   transdermal patch on .  I am a bit shakey and flushed  but with excitement  ,  soon  other stuff will follow  but for now one day at a time  as i drive along this path of fulfillment in becoming the woman i have always been , love and hugs 


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I may not update  daily but so far last couple days  have been different for sure  ...  hot flashes the second day ,  last two kinda bitchey moody  yet still calm ?  and when i am talking it seems as if i am not and someone else is there next to me talking yet it is me   like in a dream   ..normal  ???  

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Already  skin feels softer. headaches have eased with the intense the had ,  somehow it   has eased the lower back pain from a hit by a drunk driver   .  all is well    hugs 

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