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  1. Nickyw


    Just waiting to get the money saved up for Grs so i can be my self fully and true to who i have always been
  2. Nickyw


    Why is everyone that is not my doc (family that is ) worried about what is or not between my legs or if i have GRS . it is really not any of their concern .......ugh , i came out to you to let you know who am not to try and control my life or my journey ............
  3. I can not put any fatih into something i feel is a sham, my grandfather is a preacher and keeps telling it is wrong to be transgender and or have grs ,yet he will insult the mentaly handicap in heart beat to suit his own ideas thus 3/4 of his church members walked out on him and never returned.........
  4. Nickyw

    Coming out to family

    Update things went very good no issues yet , but they say this will take time as they are willing to accept it , even went out for dinner together and talked , i will give them props for trying and being nice about about everything .
  5. Nickyw

    Coming out to family

    Well in my home state now will be seeing parents and they want to see me and talk , no yelling or any thing on the phone call last night
  6. Nickyw

    Coming out to family

    Yeah thanks, my sister is a trooper she is standing up for me just off the phone with her , says my dad is willing to talk still in the air on mom yet
  7. Nickyw

    Coming out to family

    6 months ago i came out to my brother that went great, week ago to my aunt that went great and in turn she helped me come out to my grandparents thast was a surpise went great ,and my sister that went great , now the roller coaster my parents no so great they are doing the blame game " you didn't make the house clean enough blah blah , you did work hard enough make enough money blah blah .....and now i am some evil demi god of hell to them .......... yet my folks are hard core bible thumping bigots to start with , and they you are scum if you are not of the same skin tone as they are ... joy yeah my parent are those type of people it sucks i hate it , but they where going see me soon any anyhow as i am heading back to my home state for a vet get together and empty out my firearm safe i am a vivid shooter and gun collector and gunsmith in training ... my Aunt helped but still this was not a easy thing to do , yet i kne it would go south fast as did she but she thought it might be better to let them know before i show up this week so they can process it some , hope i did it right she did what she thought was right i agreed with her, but i hate upsetting people and have hard time telling people stuff.. but now from what i gather my parents think i am only going to M for a pride parde news to me .. the ups and downs of being your self and free . side note E levels are great an T levels extremly low = good news love and hugs ladies and guys
  8. Nickyw

    One year

    Been a year now never looking back, can not ever go back to that lie , Nicole is happy and applied for the jim collins grant .. almost 6 months no on hrt, living full time as me for a year now` , and moody as hell , started school with ith Voc Re hab so been busy with that and not here much , yet still kicking and a turning heads , wishing the hate for all and everyone would just stop , yet i do what i can for all, even got a homeless vet into a home recently , so ladies and gents, lot goning on wish you all the best , hope all is well and may your days be happy love and hugs ................ps don't bump into doors it hurts the chest some
  9. Good news ..bilateral orchiectomy is on the menu just need to get verify letters from endo and gender therapist to proceed and should happen in July or sooner, other than that the consult went very good, All this so far is approved via VHA with Veterans Choice program , still have the back and forth with paper work but progress none the less
  10. Nickyw

    2 month update

    Back to endo on the 16 th hope the news is good for me too,, Step53 i hope everything goes smooth for you
  11. Nickyw

    2 month update

    Thank you sweety
  12. Nickyw

    2 month update

    Just a hair over 2 months now, and i can not be happier as i feel at ease and calm mind, as for physical changes approx 3 weeks in breast buds had appeared along with sore and tenderness now a almost full A cup with tender nipples and some lactation , i have had slowed hair growth of facial hair, and mild size reduction of the testicals etc.. so far everything is peachy just watch out for doors they kinda hurt when you bump them with your chest
  13. Nickyw

    HRT Update

    Sweet deal sister, my T was 390 right before i started HRT,, hopeful i have good results next appt ,, hugs
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