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Happy Birthday Nikki!



The most important thing about today is its Nikki's birthday!   So obviously an important day to me.  I took him to lunch at Pizza Hut and we splurged on brownies.  No diets on birthdays!  Lol.  Right now he's playing the video game I got him Knights of Azure.  He was really interested in it for the female/female love story so I knew he had to have it!   It's cute so far I'm watching him play chilling out with my IPad.  He likes it when I hang out in here with him vs going to the computer room.  :)   

Work is crappier than ever but the math seems to be five more months maximum.  Thank goodness.  I'm so lucky Nikki values my welfare more than eating out as much as we do.  Time to start cooking again!


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I plan to!  I confess for lunch for one though I cheated and broiled a ham sandwhich from the leftovers from Nikki's dinner last night.  Yum...glazed spiral sliced ham is the only kind of ham I actually like eating. 

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Hiya Nikki. You are Very Welcome. Hiya Briannah. I love Smoked Ham, but, I will eat Unsmoked Ham as well. I Am restricted as to what Bread I eat though, because here in the U.K., so much Bread contains Rapeseed Oil; or Palm Oil; or Coconut Oil; and I Am seriously Allergic to those Oil's, amongst other thing's. My Favourite Meat's are Beef; or Pork; or Lamb. I have a whole lot of other Food; and Food Ingredient's allergies, that I will Not bore You with. I hope that Nikki had a Birthday Cake though ! I Am too Old for candles now, I need Street Light's instead ! L.O.L. !!  Nikki and Briannah, You are Both a Real Pleasure to have as Friend's on TGGuide. Take Care Both of You, And My Very Best Wishes to You Both, Love Stephanie. xxxx 

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Hiya Steph!  Actualy, Nikki had Birthday Brownies, but he seemed to enjoy them.  :)  I have food issues also, I can't eat beef generally.   I have what the doctor and nutrionist (it took both of them together to figure out what was making me so ill)  call a throwback digestive system that literally does not know what to do with beef.  I don't digest it properly, it gets stuck in my system longer than nature intended, and food poisoning results internally even though there is nothing wrong with the meat, it's cooked properly, and everyone else who ate it is fine.   The more pink/red the beef the faster it happens, so all my beef is brown all the way through.  It makes beef lovers cringe watching me the few times I actually eat it.  And some people like to slip it to me uknown, because it's not an allergy with an immediate reaction but a condition where I must be careful about quantity more than exposure, people get it in their head I just don't like it, am being picky, or dissing their favorite meat.  X_X  There's a reason I pretty much live on things with wings. :) 

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