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Whats the point...

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Insurance said no. For the fifth time.

My favorite beach is closed.

My birthday plans have been cancelled.

And I literally cant think of many reasons why I should even bother to keep trying.

Please dont message or comment with 'keep your chin up' or 'keep trying' because that literally only ticks me off.



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That sucks, I'm sorry :-(

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Hey Warren,

It does suck, I'm sorry too. I do truly know how much it doesn't feel worth it anymore. You have your boyfriend? Have him give you a hug. But if it comes to it, please call a hotline. You're cool, we love you, and accept you always. No matter what you do or what you say.


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Posted (edited)

Ren you are a beautiful person you might not see it but others do and you will get through this time.You are a beautiful man and its time to let the light of you into the world.

Blessed Be and hugs

Violet(veronica's wife)

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