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  1. As a SO I have no problem with my wife we share chores and clothes. The shirts and sweaters that are too big for me I give to my wife and we enjoy our life together. When he came out to me about being tg I just ran and hugged,We have been married for 40 years. We are going strong and I personally love her more than now than I thought I could. I know being tg can cause problems for some people. I hope to maybe help other SO to adjust to there new roles. Some people may have a hard time when the SO comes out, I know that some of us have hard time with our new partner. But I am all for my MtF ,I think people should be allowed to be who their are. I support as many people as I can .I hope to be of help to other SO a place to vent or just socialis. Please for give my sp mistakes I hope to be a help for others and to give people love and support. I know their hurt but it really opened my eyes to have Veronica's (my Wife) came out. We share so much and our love seems to grow I totally understand why people are not using the SO forum. a notI check everyday and I left a note to all SO"s to.
    • Khu  I have been married for 40 years to a tg mtf person and I love her more than the day I married her.Yes there are long relationships you have trust the person fully and hopefully will love you back and not care what gender you were before.Please feel free to talk to me if I can help you even if I only listen you will now know that you are not alone and you have a friend who will listen and help you through the tough times as well as the good. There is good out there. Hope to hear from you soon


                  Violet (Veronica is my wife)



  2. ViBetaSCOT

    HRT Update

    Good luck and let us how your doing? Hugs Veronica n violet
  3. Ren you are a beautiful person you might not see it but others do and you will get through this time.You are a beautiful man and its time to let the light of you into the world. Blessed Be and hugs Violet(veronica's wife)
  4. Hi Karen, Thanks for the reply and you two look like sisters I was an only child so someday I will have a sister too LOL DBH and Blessed Be. Hugs Violet
  5. Hi Karen, Very pretty. And so are the other lovely ladies. Veronica & I both are amazed at the your resemblance to a high school friend of ours. I asked about your friend being related to you. Veronica said no, they are just very close friends, "think of them like you and your cousin". I understand. Best of luck on your adventures Hugs, Violet
  6. wow your getting your boobs Congratulations and have faun and have fantastic work and my people surround you with love and support Love ViBett Scott. I am also I am married to Veronica" wifeWell more chatting to go too. we send our love and big HUGS Vibetascott
  7. Ren, I am glad to hear that you are doing well by the I am Vibetascott My house wife takes care of everything I do you would know her as Veronica. If you want to talk please feel free to call us. With lots of Huge HUGS ViBeta scott & Veronica
  8. Hi all, I am a DES baby and have cancer from it then I' ve always been Bisexual so what beats up most that most DES like yourself have a higher rate of cancer or tumors. I've had six surgeries to remove cancer from my cervix and had a complete hytesroectomy and1 brain tumor and 4 breast surgries to remove those tumors.But I am tumor free right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee .
  9. Glad to see you with us Art ! See you around the webiverse ! :)
  10. If you know Veronica Beta, then you know my spouse! :) Working the profile up. Hope to chat soon. Vi Beta.

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      Welcome Vi Beta!

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      ViBetaSCOT, welcome aboard!

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  11. If you know Veronica Beta, then you know my spouse! :) Working the profile up. Hope to chat soon. Vi Beta.

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