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  1. Hi Ellen SIncere congratulations! You have done a wondeful thing. The portrait is very nice, your Son is very handsome! The picture of you standing in the gallery is very pretty, WELL DONE. May the exhibition be an unqualified success ! I posted the exhibition poster to my FB page!
  2. I think that if a person has faith, that is all they need. I feel that which has given us the known Universe doesn't need to leave post-it notes. I am VERY sure that we will NEVER know what the Bible actually says. It asks me to much to believe that the Bible it is the "word of God" Specifically, how many times it has been re-written over the ages. A thing that is very odd about the Bible that doesn't seem to be questioned enough. How is it possible that the God of the Bible can give me a Soul, but "He" is incapable of saving it? Or, why did he create "My Lord Satan, God of War and Equal to all that is in Heaven" Why would God create another diety that he is incapable of defeating, WITHOUT HELP? Yet he required none to "create" Lucifer? Stuff like that. Anyway, really don't care. I see the work of the mysterious hand, every time I look into Violets eyes and I try and fathom the Universe is see in them. I am grateful. I am blessed. As far as my Soul goes? I have NO PROBLEM! All I require for a cathedral is a clear night and a Moonless sky and I am moved to tears. Always.
  3. Black Elk - 1863-1950 - Oglala Sioux Holy Man "Hear me, four quarters of the world-a relative I am. Give me the strength to walk the soft Earth, a relative of all that is! Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand, that I may be like you. With your power only can I face the winds". I am going to say three days. I will explain later - Ronnie Virga - CWW!
  4. Rights huh? I can assure you, you have a lot fewer than you think when it comes to the World you live in. Here are your "rights". You have the right to die on your feet fighting for the rights you think you should have or you have the right to kneel before your Mistresses/Masters and BEG for them. If you believe anything else, you are deluding yourself, Just like democrats and republicans have been deluding they're constituents for CENTURIES! Voting is enabling behavior, for the love of all things Spock, STOP DOING IT!
  5. Today is St. Distaff's Day. Compitalia, celebrating the household Gods. Today we honor Frigg and her followers, the "Freefolk". "Partly work, and partly play Ye must on Saint Distaff's Dayu" the old adage goes. It is also time for me to "shield in place". I need to take a break from the constant ups and downs regarding "my" dysphoria. My affliction. Tired of facing inward and trying to fix something that in the scope of my life? A lot less of an "issue" than it needs to be, considering. What? Well, let's throw out some things shall we? I have recieved some excellent "counseling" from someone who says my dysphoria is NOT my biggest concern. OK. Good to know. My counselor is a pretty decent person. Specializies in helping people who's professional lives expose them to some very traumatic stuff. I was amazed at how good this person was at getting me to talk. Good to find someone I can be comfortable with. A person that is familiar with the "problems" people who work in compartmented "projects" all they're lives can develop. I thought I was lossing it to Paranoid schizophrenia! The counselor just laughed at me and said "No, that's called self preservation. Johnathan Pollard actually existed. That actually happened. Your pretty much screwed for the rest of your life, just stay frosty and relax". Showed me this picture and said if you can balance these? Your mental health issues will be skosh. When I broached "dysphoria"? Push me over with a feather, the counselor replied "You'd be astounded to know just how many people I deal with could use a little clarity on THAT subject". Love them Doc's that don't beat around the bush! How is your 2017 going to go? I have a good idea of how mine is going to go. Lots and lots of time in medical facilities. Lots of appointments. Lots of testing. I am VERY HAPPY about that. This flurry of medical activity surrounds my Soulmate and not me. She is FINALLY going to get the medical assistance and screening that she deserves. She is. not me. I am working on my "blackouts" and my manic depression issues, but for now, I am good. I have a mea culpa. I have NOT been a good spouse for a while. My prediliction with my tripartite self. I have been selfish. So, there you go. "Ronnie" is a steady state for me. 50/50. MODLOC. I have a lot of "new" things to deal with. I can NEVER drive a car on public roads EVER again, unless it is the most dire of emergencies. I can't get on an airliner. I wouldn't be able to fly a plane. I'm not even supposed to operate power tools without supervision anymore! But that doesn't mean I have to stop living or caring about the awesome folks I've met here. I was going to leave this site and then I thought, why? It can help me. Hopefully, I can be of help to someone else. I have 41 and in a less than a month, 42 Y E A R S invested in the person that I DO love most. Violet pretty much is my Universe and she deserves better from me. Sure, some will say that I may be "disengenious" with regard to the "community". That I am not being "true" to myself. Really? I exist in a different "plane" than most people. The person who is my betrothed is also a Petty Officer in the US NAVY, like I am. She saved my life. That's what she does. She can make a towering Marine break out in a sweat by snapping a rubber band, holding a syringe and saying "Need to draw some labs". The only things that can make the USMC hesitate? Godzilla and Hospital Corpsman. Oops, my bad. Hospital Corpsman THEN Godzilla. Got to preserve the natural order of things as the Creator has made them. Nope, for me? This fight isn't about a community. It's about my sanity and I am the ONLY one that can fight it and that means being in it to win it. I may never be "complete", but I promise, I will try NOT to be boring. But I'm not that salty so having a wingman? PRICELESS. I know she always has my back. BRAVO ZULU Doc! So for this new blog, I chose "Scutum" because I need a shield right now. Something that will insulate me from the Demon I have just gotten to go back to sleep. Scutum is called "Sobieski's Shield" in some places in Europe. Jan III Sobieski was a bad ass. Your writings here and how you look at the World and what you are doing to cope and just the minutiae of our everyday existence can be the exact thing I need to stabilize when I start to get wiggy! 2 anchors are better than one. I have Violet and I have you all. I am blessed. Monsters from the id. They're real.
  6. Hi alexandra! Will have to check that program out. Dumping my cable TV from xfinity because it's CRAP. I watch like 2 channels out of 900 or so! Thank the Goddess for ChromeCast ! See you around the site! Cheers! Veronica
  7. I hope this gentle warrior is sleeping peacefully. I have no reservations about calling her a "warrior". I understand the kind of fight she was waging. In the Human experience the "wounded" have often sacrificed themselves so that their Comrades can get to safety or launch a counter attack. So we will remember her and fight the good fight, in her name, in our children's name, and for those who will follow them. I will honor her sacrifice. When a transgender person does something like this, some may view it as someone who has given up. I view them as a person who is intrepid. I do not condone IN ANY WAY suicide. To those that contemplate it,, I will tell them the same thing I have OFTEN told myself. STEP BACK. Someone needs you. Someone loves you. I am glad I did step back. I am glad they stepped back.
  8. I've heard the they are working on transplanting a uterus into a MtF trans person. I've heard of some CUH-RAZY shnitzle, but that is off the hook! I often wonder if Nature is doing EVERYTHING that it can to ensure we live long enough to get off this tiny little rock we live on! Like she is already telling us to LEAVE ALREADY! Seems like were getting closer and closer to a day where we may be able to "toggle" our genders to get the most out of the environment we're living in like some fish and reptiles do!
  9. Hi Gennee I was thinking about what you said about the paucity of older transgender men. Also read the excerpt from the book on Amazon. Looks like a good read. I did a google and it look like that average age for menopause to start in a woman is 51. When it comes to transgender people, there are times I think what I'm seeing and experiencing isn't all me. Like I am supposed to transition, in the "hive" of life. The hive needing so many workers, and so many soldiers and so many care takers etc. Maybe the Human "hive" has to have so many transgender people? It's does seem a little striking that there is a great DROP OFF in MTF transition right around the same time the FTM transitions seem to stop, and then ten years later, BAM! The MTF transition rate picks up again. As bizarre as this thought is, it is almost like a like Nature is creating the genetic material it would require for a line of "mules" for cloning purposes! Although when nature "clones" it's called "life". When Humans clone, it's DEFINITELY an abomination. Or it could be nature is messing with my head again!
  10. Hi Gennee ! Your interests along are very interesting. Interests:Poetry, Writing, Reading, Running, Soccer, Transgender Issues, Christianity, documentaries, electronics, bass guitar, lighthouses, castles. But even discounting your wide array of interests, I am SURE there is a very rewarding and inspirational story behind that lovely smile! Cheers, Veronica
  11. That's OK Lords & Ladies of the South Dakota Government. We KNOW that in your VILE, EVIL, self centered, homophobic minds, you really despise the people you "rule" over. Hey, that's your bag. No worries. Your children will grow up to hate and distrust the government of the people, because YOU STOLE it from them, just as surely as you stole South Dakota from the people of the first nations. Maybe you'll pass one of those "Check the Panties" laws so that you can subject little children to UNLAWFUL SEARCH & SEIZURE. Politicians used to just sicken me. Now they anger me. Would be EPIC to have a minion of one of the the South Dakota Lords & Ladies (Do they even HAVE any women in the government there? It would NOT surprise me if they don't! Yeah, having someone go all Snowden with they're e-mails would be fun I think. I'd do it myself, but hey, why should I have all the fun right? Government systems are EASY to exploit. It's the government! Look who runs that freakin' clown show? He got punked by Iranians. That's just lame. I can still hear Vlad Putin laughing at O-Bozo !
  12. I am part of species that: 1) Has members that are perfectly healthy in every aspect physically yet the spend they're lives in wheelchairs because they feel "happier" as a "cripple". 2) members who MODIFY they're bodies with foreign materials to bring forth horns and forked tongues and spines down they're backs. 3) members who pierce they're flesh and hang themselves from the rafters. 4) members who sit in hours of agony to drive ink into the dermis, for beauty, for tribute, to make a social statement. 5) members who CRAVE pain. 6) members that think because someone voted for them they actually TRUST them (Out of all the examples, to me this is the scariest). 6) people that jump of bridges and buildings and cliffs, for fun. We also do all kinds of other WHACK things like build MIRV's, tolerate reality TV stars and volunteer to stay behind in the OR because a person has a live RPG round in them! (Talk about better angels) I don't think the medical or the general population has anymore of a problem with Trans Persons than they do with serial Shop Lifters! But there ARE members of my species out there that have no problem exploiting other peoples suffering for they're own personal gain. Not that this also hasn't been resolved by science. We all know that predators strive to prey upon the most exposed members of a community. It's what makes THEM happy. I also am a member of a species that won't give you a job with out an education, but they have NO PROBLEM letting you vote!
  13. I didn't know it until much later in my 20 years of service that some of my original shipmates were gay men. And Lesbian women. I am sure there was everything else in between. I don't know. There were the institutionalized "witch" hunt cases now and then, and wrongful prosecution. The US NAVY owes a big apology letter to a LOT of squared away Sailors. Get on that Ash Carter, you bum! Show some CITIZENS of this country some respect for a change. That's the way the Constitution works Sir. CITIZENS have a right to step up and give they're best. Many do, and give much more. Constitution, Citizen, Respect. I am glad for just about every Sailor I served with. Good folks. And the NATO and SEATO crews, SOLID! But hey, for some of us, the Cold War was a serious as a heart attack, 24/7/365! All I know was living a Tom Clancy novel for 20 years was a rockin' good time. And it was all about the people. Elmo Zumwalt (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmo_Zumwalt) was the CNO. Jimmy Carter was just taking control of the White House when I showed up for advanced training. One year later I'm on D.G., and the Iranians have our hostages AND the Russians invade A-Stan. Rockin' good time. I learned me some stuff ! Like right now, History? You can stop repeating yourself. I get evolutionary radiation already. Can you please show use something new? A little less CRANKY please? Think The Renaissance (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance) . Thanks History, that would just be off the hook if ya could!
  14. So, the Cosmos has one more better angel now. I make no aside to her gender. She is a special education teacher. That she had the COURAGE to face these children every day is something I freely admit would crush me. Fair Winds & Following Seas Ms. Ross. Your loved ones will miss you and never forget you I am sure. Should we meet someday in the Summer Lands, I would be honored.
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