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Update ...



Just an update

I haven't been on here much. I have been really busy, active. Making steady progress.

But I had something that happened to me last night which stopped me cold. I had a guy who I was friends with, who I have chatted with for months, just dump me and cut me out of his life. Being trans*, I have experienced a lot of this over many years. But recently, things had been going really well. So this blindsided me a bit.

Anyways, I cried today. I will be okay. It will take some time to get over this. This wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

I've experienced tons of rejection. And honestly, I am used to it. Even though things have gotten so much better in the last 5 years or so regarding others accepting me, particularly these last few weeks (which is awesome), it still just wears me down. Makes me tired. For some reason, I don't know why, it makes me either work harder or just back away from things. I don't allow others to validate me a person or a woman. But it still hurts when it happens, especially when we develop relationships with others and they for whatever reason back away.

I hope that everyone has an awesome day today.




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Hiya Lisa Darling. I feel for You Sweetheart. Darling Girl, You are Not the only one to Cry. I was Physically Attacked by My Wife, and My Middle Son, 2 Week's ago, Today. ( They tried to crush Me between The Front-Door; and The Front-Door-Frame. The Police were called by a Neighbour ! ). I cried when I was talking to the Police. ( This is the 4th. time that the Police have been called, because I have been under attack ). Lisa, to be Rejected, is Not nice. Lisa, You are so Lovely, Young Lady, and being Transsexual Myself, I have found that It Is harder to withstand rejection. I Am lucky though, I have made a lot of Friend's, since " Coming-Out ", as Transsexual, and All the New Friend's that I have made, are sticking by me. Lisa, You  Young Lady,are Very Popular, here at TGGuide, and You have made a lot of Friend's here. Lisa, Keep Your Chin-Up, and Your Pretty Head held high. ( If that Person has rejected You, He is obviously Not worth Knowing. You are worth so much more than Him !! ). Lisa, I will Not ever judge You, but, I Am here for You, if You need Me. ( If You ever want to chat Honey, then Please Private Message Me, Young Lady ). Lisa, Speak Soon, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxx 

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Hi Lisa,

It's very nice to hear from you although I wish it was under better circumstances. That is so surprising that he'd just up and leave you like that, no explanation, no talk, just go. But good for you how you are handling it so well. Crying helps and is good for you. We all feel it when we are vulnerable and then rejected. And it hurts so much that sometimes it feels like it would be better to just seal ourselves off, protect ourselves. I think that is part of grieving and that's okay too for a while. I have a friend who is a folk singer, she says that at these times we need a cup of tea and a nap. That helps me sometimes although it's not perfect. Regardless we are always here for you.

Warm hugs,


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