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Avoiding the Law?



So my insurance has told me flat out (cant remember if I told you guys but here's a recap) no. Unless my ID says female, they will not consider my application for surgery assistance. They can only process it as male, which would go under cosmetic which they dont cover -_-

SO, I called the DMV for my state and talked to them. I asked them "I have already changed my ID to my identifying gender. Can I change it back temporarily and then put it back to my current gender later?" Odd question, naturally. So after I talked to the woman about it and explained my situation, she understood but then asked "Wait..your gender is already changed? Without your bottom surgery?" I said yes.

"The law for our state dictates that you cannot change your gender without bottom surgery....Did you falsify paperwork??"

Um. WHAT?! NO!

We hashed it out and I had to talk to an officer AND their supervisor and we sorted out the issue. Apparently when I got my gender marker changed, it was in a matter of HOURS before the law was effective and therefor my ID IS  legal and I avoid a 5k$ state fine for False Identification and Falsifying State Paperwork and information. Scary!!!!

But we talked about it and she basically said that my ID is on the edge of a cliff. I'm safe if I leave it alone, but if I switch it now--I wont be able to switch it back afterwards without bottom surgery. WHAT!? So now my ID is stuck the way it is, so I cannot change it for insurance. On top of that though, she did advise that I go and find a lawyer and talk to them about my Transgender Protection rights for our state with State Insurance as it is usually policy not to deny Transgender Surgeries because it being "cosmetic." 

So, recap.

I almost got fined 5k$ but I wont be fined because I got there before closing. My ID is fine and I do not have to change it. I cannot change it without it being a problem (also that puts my Doc at risk for false info if I ask her to sign off on it a second time). Get a lawyer (I dont have the funds for that...) and keep saving up money on my gofundme account.

So basically...I got no where.

And the 20 tries to call my homestate in regards to STILL not having a revised Birth Certificate ended up with a busy signal every time.

So they're dragging their rears, same as always. Dude, it's been over a year already! LETS GO, TURKEYS!


As a side note, I have 483$ saved up for my surgery. Then I realized that I need 500$ just for a day reservation fee, so none of that money actually goes into the 9k$ needed for the surgery itself. Oi vey....

I'm so tired of running in circles....x.x

This long path is turning into a quest of unbelievable extent.




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I'd suggest double (or triple) checking on the drivers license rule - people working at agencies are known to get the law wrong (social security by me initially refused to correct my gender id, but I eventually got them to see they were wrong). Looking online it doesn't look like new hampshire requires full on surgery for a gender correction on drivers license (you are in New hampshire, right? My apologies if I got that wrong)


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Either way, I need to talk to insurance again before trying to change it and MAKE DAMN SURE that if I change my ID, then YES they'll do surgery. I'm not changing it if they wont touch it still

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Yes, please be sure to get anything and everything in writing before you take actions that may be irreversible. 

But good on you, Ren, for your steadfast follow up. That's what it takes to get through the beaucratic crap. It's a royal hassle but it's worth it. I agree with Christie, too, get your hands on the actual law(s) and make yourself an expert. No one cares as much as you do, and it's possible you'll find language in there that will help you. 

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Ya know... I can't help but wonder why they are calling your top surgery as a male, cosmetic.  Do they turn down genetic males with gynocomastia, classifying it as cosmetic?  Are genetic males being forced to live with female-like baggage on their chests?  If not, then you might have an argument.   But then... if you have to be female to get even a reduction, why didn't they approve it before?  Or did they not approve it because they had perhaps already gotten wind of it being trans-related?  That thought came to mind some time back when you said you had once again been turned down.


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They said gynocomastia is cosmentic and not covered. They kept refusing my surgery because of my ID saying male. I hadnt applied as female. 

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