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And again



Good day all


I am again in this same situation that I was, but not as bad, just this captain wants everything in writing.  Fine by me, and here is the chance again to make everyone around me squirm.  Yes, I will be the bitch again.


No it is actually a short thing, just to vent that I need to get everything again, just to be myself.


Seeing my doc on Tuesday, so will be asking again for other documentation to just make the world stop and gasp again.


Not venting just saying, as the stupid acrobat doesn't want to download my annuity for me to get done with my taxes.


Michele out

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You're not being a bitch as far as I can tell.  I wonder why the captain wants it all down in writing.  Maybe just to cover his rear?  Or maybe also so he can prove to others (and maybe himself) that you have the 3rd-party validation(s)?  Yeah, bureaucracy sucks, that's for sure.  I get pretty frustrated and impatient about it myself.  

Be good, keep writing, and most of all, be Michele.


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