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One year



Been a year now never looking back,  can not ever go back to that lie ,  Nicole is happy and applied for the jim collins grant ..  almost 6 months no on hrt, living full time as me for a year now` , and moody as hell , started school with ith Voc Re hab so been busy with that and not here much , yet still kicking and a turning heads , wishing the hate for all and everyone would just stop ,  yet i do what i can for all,  even got a homeless vet into a home recently , so ladies and gents,  lot goning on wish you all the best , hope all is well and may your days be happy  love and hugs ................ps  don't bump into doors it hurts the chest some 

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Dear Nicky,

Thank you for helping the homeless vet!  As my mother used to say, "God sees everything," and, of course, I grew up with, "what comes around goes around" (good or bad).

Have found when I help others, the knowledge gained in advocating for them, often is useful to me later!

Your friend,


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