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Mixed Emotions



As I often do on Sunday mornings over coffee I read The New York Times and this morning was no different. I ran out of things that interested me so did a search on "transgender" and found the following article about Barry Winchell's murder while in the US Army, who was in a serious relationship with Calpernia Addams, a transexual woman. I came close to crying in the neighborhood coffee shop as I was so taken by the depth of feelings that came up:  An Inconvenient Woman

I then checked Huffington Post's TRANSGENDER page which often has interesting articles and, thankfully, found one that was so delightful, about an 11 year old gay boy's first day at middle school, how he met and befriended an 11 year old transgender girl, and his wonderful mother:  When My Son Met Another Out LGBTQ Kid On The First Day Of Middle School

Okay, great, feeling better!  At least until I read another one on Huff Post:  Surviving The Waves Of History: Bathroom Bills Can Be Deadly which is about a transman's suicide over the weight that he could bear no longer from those who deny transgender people's validity and rights.  He just missed Attorney General Loretta Lynch's speech where she said:  

"Let me also speak directly to the transgender community itself. Some of you have lived freely for decades. Others of you are still wondering how you can possibly live the lives you were born to lead. But no matter how isolated or scared you may feel today, the Department of Justice and the entire Obama Administration wants you to know that we see you; we stand with you; and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. Please know that history is on your side. This country was founded on a promise of equal rights for all, and we have always managed to move closer to that promise, little by little, one day at a time. It may not be easy — but we’ll get there together.”

We will, my friends, get there together.  What a Sunday morning it's been. Here's wishing you a beautiful day.  Go hug someone.



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I am truly going to miss President Obama and VP Biden when they're gone. In often quiet ways this administration did a lot for us!

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I agree with you Christie, very very much.  I wish Hillary the best but I fear that she is going to be so challenged on so many fronts.  I wouldn't ever want to wear her shoes.  But I think she's very wise and recognizes the winds of change as well as the real and valid rights of people like us.  I think she's a good person and will carry on well from Obama, at least if she is elected.  My biggest fear is like Brexit, there are too many people who assume that "no way could we elect Trump" that they will not get out the vote and then find ourselves with a real monster and tragedy as president.  We must all vote with our hearts, no excuses.

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