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The aftermath



So in my last entries I focused on assisting a trans person through SRS/GRS/GCS (pick one). They ended up with Rectovaginal fistula.

So after the initial surgery they stayed in the hospital for a week, back home for a week, back to the hospital for repairing the botched surgery, stayed there a week.

On top of this they were discharged to a recovery company for at least a week.

So there are plenty of these surgeries done each year, some overseas and here. A common factor for most is "I need this now, screw waiting" and then if you are one of the unlucky ones the above could happen or worst.  

When going forward with a surgery date way before that do lots and lots of research on whom is performing your surgery and if in doubt walk away as there are always other surgeons that are there to perform your surgery.

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Dear Karen and Veronica,

Can not be reminded ENOUGH as this is true for ALL surgeries, INCLUDING dental work!  PLEASE, get a second and third opinion, and BE VERY CAREFUL about having procedures done overseas to save money, because if something goes wrong, it is very hard to fly back to have it corrected.  Also, other doctors are often reluctant to "correct" another doctor's work. 

Your friend,


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