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Music that hides within us all ... Singing the tunes our hearts are playing within us all.



Within our minds we create lyrics of our lives , does your heart play the tune for the world to hear or do you simply humm the tune to your selves ...

Within life the rythm plays and we create our songs of life , Do you hear your symphany playing your tune , or are you tone deaf ..

As we walk down the streets watching others pass by , we often hear their songs playing loudly , what do they hear when they pass by you ? Do they hear a beautiful sound or do they wince in aggony when they hear your song playing loudly ...

It has been said that we walk to a different drummer why do you suppose this is , do we really sway to a unharmonious tune as we walk through life or is it that those others are simply tone deaf and simply can't hear the beautiful song we are marching to ...

I sit within this truck waiting to deliver yet another load singing loudly to what is playing on my Iphones music app. and it comes to mind how we do really walk through life singing a tune of our own , maybe this is why so many around can't seem to or be behind us in everything we do in life , maybe they just simply don't listen to the same music that we do , maybe they are a little country and we are a little rock and roll , maybe they are blues and we are classical , maybe we are harmony and they are rythm .... I guess what I am trying to say that no matter what song we play for the world to hear not everyone can appreciate the music we appreciate and sing out , nor will they ever begin to like it...

I know that with every style of music there are some that I simply will not and can not seem to acclamate to , yes I do hear the rythms and styles of every one around me but I simply can not get into it as they are , my passions lie in all of humanity but some of those players do make me wince by their tune , is this a good thing I suppose it is and then again I suppose it isn't , maybe I like to appreciate it at a lower tone and possibly eventually I will become intune with them , I would like to think that I will , it's hard to say that I will ever truelly become appreciative to the tune they are playing ...

I liken it to being stuck on a bus or the subway with a bunch of battling portable boom boxes , each trying to hear their favorite tune and ever turning the thing up louder and louder , I can't enjoy one when three more tunes I like are blairing in my ear ....

Maybe if we all ( before you get upset all of humanity not simply those transitioning or those who have transitioned or those that will never transition or even those that prefer to be any aspect of the trans gender spectrum )simply tone down to a reasonable range the people around us could finally enjoy being around us and our tune , it's even possible that they would finally appreciate other forms of music playing through life ... Just a thought ...

I realize that I am enalagising the struggles that we all face but I think that since every thing on this planet does resinate a tune that connects us all together it would be a good way to make us all think , Who of us doesn't like to hear a beautiful song playing it gets us into a state of happiness or saddness depending on what we are hearing connecting us once again to our fellow man or woman walking through life with us ...

Play your song for those around you , make them humm along with you and smile when they are in your presance ...


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