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Medical Week

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Tuesday came, and it was the last day of January by that.  Left work early, and got to the endocrinologist.  Marli had her normal  checks and we spoke.  But what made me zone out was, here is a referral, you need to go for a mammogram.  Lucky we already went through the blood works that I took on the previous Friday.


I got to work the next day, as the blood works is showing signs of cholesterol and that my testosterone levels are higher.  Normal male ranges but still half of what I started out on before HRT.  Some other readings also messed about.  But I should say, 6 months earlier we dropped my blocker dosage to half what I was using because of the potassium resistance my body was experiencing.


Thursday on Feb 2, I went for the mammogram.  Yes, I was anxious, nervous, scared, all the crying emotions were all collected in my body.  Even the with drawn little girl.  My friend had my car and forgot that I had an appointment so I was taken by a colleague who lives in the area of the hospital.  Told him to meet me there or all hell will be directed at him.


Came out of hospital and to in my car, looking as if some dog has taken my good and ran away.  Just teary eyed, unresponsive and clutching my results.  Normally by this point my results would be opened and checked by myself, but because this wasn't a Michele request it was scaring the living daylights out of meArarat.


Friday came and went and still I'm refusing to read the results.  Saturday also comes and goes, and as I arrived home around 00:00 this morning.  I decided to sit myself down and force myself to read it as this moping around for a forced test is just bull.  Read it so slow, and once done, realize but the results says everything is normal, I just have a dense pair.


Thus relieved I decide I can go sleep.  So my last week ended in me stressing for sweet nothing.

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Thank goodness, Michele. You're doing the right things for yourself and your body, and you're coming through fine. So glad to hear this from you.


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Sometimes I wonder if facing the bull head on is smart, but then I remember Chuck Norris spin kicked the bull unconscious, so who am I to fear that bull if a man can beat him, this lady can also do it.


Doesn't mean I dont fear the results till I read them.  But as soon as they read, give me a day or a week to mope about it if its bad news, and I will tackle it head on, as I dont know how to go down without a fight.



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