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Unexpected and Unwelcome News.



Nikki's therapist, his younger than me, super healthy therapist, had a heart attack and passed away this weekend.  I can't wrap my mind around it.  She has been so helpful working everything out, and such a huge part of our lives (Nikkii's directly, mine through the effect she has on our life) that i just am floored.  So far Nikki is okay, but I don't know how this works for a patient.  If my former therapist had just died, it would have really messed me up, I can't even imagine.  And she was so sweet.  :(

I know rationally that if we moved, a new therapist search was in the near future, and nothing we feel is anything like what her family feels, but the finality and suddenness of it is just stunning.  And of course now I"m worried for Nikki, having that taken away so suddenly can't be good for him. 


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Dear Bree,

Am so sorry to hear about Nikki's therapist.  Jim Fixx, the man who started the running craze, who not only exercised regularly, but had a healthy diet, dropped dead on a running trail at age 42.  

Don't know if Nikki's therapist shared an office with another therapist or group of therapists, but I would look among the therapist's co-therapists as Nikki's future therapist, because doctors usually share an office with other doctors with similar beliefs and values.

If Nikki's therapist practiced alone (as more doctors tend to do lately), then I would try to contact the receptionist or nurse for a recommendation, if there is staff still working in the office (at least briefly, as part of shutting down the office).

May I suggest you and Nikki network among transgender people in your town or county (even people you know here in TGGuide) and ask if they can make referrals.



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It is a shared office of six therapists, so we're going to call the receptionist to see about the future.  It feels gross though.  It feels gross to call these people who just lost a coworker to sort out our business.  I know they understand and are still looking to help patients, just my emotional brain feels really gross about it. 

And we literlaly know ZERO transgender people in the area.  If they're here, they're not talking.  There are no local support or social groups at all here, no one whose popped up on any of my searches.  I know Nikki can't be the only person, but they're in deep hiding or something. 

And there is the this sucks, i LIKED her.  She was a really nice person, sweet, and very good at what she does.  She had small children and a husband, and I hate seeing life cut short like that.  I know it happens, no guarantees for any of us, but it really breaks my heart.  :(

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