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WIsh me luck - Youtube Hair Idiocy. :)



So I watched about a billion youtube videos about doing the fairly simply, layered haircut I favor yourself.  And it is actually fairly idiot proof, you basically let your head do the work for you.  Ponytail it all at your forehead instead of your crown, cut teh ponytail at the desired length, and take the band out.  Voila.  The natural spaces on your head arrange the hair at different lengths as it takes further from the nap to your forehead than mid-head and crown, etc. etc.  It's faster, no awkward descriptions and miscommunications, and best of all, no product hard sell.  There is nothing a the salon I can't get cheaper elsewhere.  And my hair is long enough that if it doesn't work out for my texture(you never know, salon or at home really, what a particular cut will do with your individual hair I have learned the hard way, I look like a weird porcupine with some kinda bent quill birth defect if I try to rock the really short hair) I can go in and get the layered bob I was thinking of.  I'm going to cut it longer than I was thinking I would like it to see how it looks first, and then I can always do it a second time if it works for me.  Then I have to redye it green, it's fading into blond really fast now.

What is everyone else doing with their hair? 


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Oh my god it came out great!  Longer than I am ultimately looking for, but I wanted to cut it longer in case it didn't come out right.  I love it!  The layers are great and soft, and it took me literally four minutes to do (other than the three minutes of mirror silliness where I was flipping the pony tail you make on the forehead going "I'm a unicorn! UNICORN!" and possibly badly singling some music from teh Last Unicorn before I got down to business like an adult). 

And not only do I really like how it came out, but it occurs to me that three minutes is a really simple, fast process to keep it constantly touched up and keep that fresh new haircut feel whenever I want to.  Not only free, but it put's me really back in control of my own hair.  Nikki liked the final look too.  Cleanup was easy too, I did the actual cutting over the toilet so just flushed the snips away.  No mess.  I was super nervous but the results have calmed my fears. Sent photos to a couple freinds to make sure nothing looked funny, got the all important girlfriend approvals.  :)

What are you looking to do with your hair?

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