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Hi Everybody

I hope you all have a great weekend. It has not been a good start for me, sadly somebody (I don't know who) has told lots of people in my area that I am transgender and I have received a letter this morning that has asked me not to attend a local event tomorrow as being transgender might upset and offend others at the event. I was not even planning to attend

Just wondered if anybody has ever had a letter like this asking them not to attend an event due to being transgender.


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Didn't you send out a press release recently that you are transgender? (I didn't really understand this and asked if you would post a copy on your blog...) And then, wouldn't you expect pretty much everyone you know to learn about you?  Anyway, I agree with Karen. I wonder if you could contact the event management (even after tomorrow is fine) to have a private meeting to talk about their concerns. I think it's best to calmly understand their assumptions and then see if you can educate them, always politely of course.

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Of all the things in the world to be upset and offended by. Sad for you but pathetic for them. Yeah, maybe weak minded or insecure along with narrow-minded and perhaps judgmental. Emma has a good point, though, that it might turn into something of an opportunity to inform and educate others. Some people really do not understand how someone can be a different gender than the anatomically assigned one or can be both male and female genders. However, they can often come to have some acceptance and understanding with more information or personal contact rather than it just being an unfamiliar, abstract, and maybe even absurd idea.

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So sorry you had to experience that. I'm sure most of us live with the realization/fear of being rejected for our identity, and the actual experience of it, but to have it put to you so directly must be difficult.

The closest I've come to this is with my sister - no letter, but a couple of phone calls and a text established that she didn't accept my gender identity, we don't speak anymore.

I guess I would just try to remember that even though the person who sent you the letter referred to "others" being upset or offended, they were really only speaking for themselves. 



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