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A work in progress

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I have to agree with Emma Sweet's blog entry that the cosmetics section of your local Walgreens or Walmart or Target can be pretty intimidating for us newbies, especially when it looks like we don't belong there. Actually, we do; but that's another story. Amazon is a safer bet. Be that as it may, I am venturing forth, going to stores that I don't usually frequent so I don't have to explain myself to an acquaintance. Before self-checkout, and before I started cross-dressing for real, I thought about maybe buying a birthday card to go with my girly purchases; or maybe waiting until Christmas. In a past life, I have bought many intimates for Christmas presents. But I digress. So today, I picked up a make-up brush and eye shadow along with two pair of tights on sale and nylons. I looked at dresses and could have bought a couple, but that was another $50 and I was already straining my budget. I am still not working you know.

And on that score, I got two calls to substitute teach today, but I was told that I was not in the system. How could that be? I thought I had done everything. Wrong! Maybe I'm getting more addled or my head is in another place, but I did not read the fine print which explained to me how to register. You know, they could have put that in the email to ,make it easier, but I guess the school board people just wanted to see who was paying attention. I finally did get it figured out. There will be more jobs--not to worry.

So tonight, I tried my hand at some eye makeup, which while not a total disaster, is not far from it. My guide in this case was a Cover Girl ad for making cat eyes like Katy Perry. Mine look more like racoon eyes--well at least I'm ready for trick-or-treating.  This will take some practice and more tutorials--real ones. The one  queen who does makeup tutorials is gorgeous. I'm beyond that. I just want to look presentable.​

I figured out how to put a picture up. Don't know how to do an album yet. I'll work on it. Later.


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Dear MichelleLea,

If I may throw in my two cents here, please be careful to use quality cosmetics, as I fear you may develop an allergy to them.

Don't know why, I have developed an allergy to ALL cosmetics, including the highest quality cosmetics, except for lipstick, (I get angry red hives all over my face), as well as I am allergic to hair coloring and perming solution (I can't enter most hair salons from the odor).

When I was in Tampa Bay, Florida, after or before the support group meetings, we would have a "girls' night out," where we would go to the mall and have makeup applied as well as get instruction on how to properly apply makeup.  

Tampa Bay (Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa) had such a T/LGB friendly community you could literally go to a support group once a week if you wanted to!  Am sure it is still the same way today.

Many of the transgender conferences offer free seminars and classes about how to use makeup, dress, and female deportment.  If you can make one of these, you will find it well worth your while.

As for clothing, thrift stores a good bet, some being better than others.

There are two wonderful women's clothing catalogs that I highly recommend:



On our home page, if you look for "Resources" on the header, there will be a drop-down that you can click on that will list all the transgender support groups in the U.S. and even overseas.  You should be no more than a couple of hours drive from your nearest transgender support group.

Your friend,



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