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what a great Day

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Hello and greetings, 


Today L and I took a leap into the tranns world.  We went and picked out a new hair piece together.  220 bucks worth and boy oh boy I tell ya.  We got a baby sitter for the afternoon and went and had our nails done.    then we went out to dinner in Downtown and at a fancy place also.   I felt natural as I ordered dinner and played with my boys and smiled and almost cried a couple times at the total peace I am starting to feel in my skin.    

 I got home to find my gaff had arrived and I ran into the bedroom shed my attire and put it on.  I then put on some skinny jeans and a shirt and told L to look at me.   never had I felt more alive than when she touched my  nether region and there was nothing there. I felt like a natural woman. It has taken me many years and tears to feel that way and when the love of my life reached down and touched me and kissed me I knew we would spend the rest of our ives together.    I am still working on mannerism stance and stuff but i have 41 years on man crapolla to rid myself of.     Well night all lets see what tomorrow holds 


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Good for you and your wife! You're both so lucky to have each other.

I got my nails done for the first time today too! It's really a big step for me. Sure, I'm presenting as a woman all the time but, let's face it, if I want to go to Home Depot even dressed in Levi's and a tee shirt my nails will be out there for all to see. This Saturday I have a wonderful ACLU dinner to attend I said the heck with it. I'm going to get all gussied up and kick up my flats. Tomorrow I'm getting my sysbrows waxed which is not really a big deal but need them cleaned up!

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