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Progress I guess.



​It's done.  By end of day tomorrow, my home will be listed.  It's a bunch of mix feelings, this is what is holding us back from moving forward, but it was MY HOME for eleven years, second longest I have lived anywhere, and longest Nikki has ever.  I'm not surprised, I have learned I really  hate endings of any kind, even when they are what I wanted.  So...now we are in the next phase, and this one sorta sucks.  There is nothing more I can do, it's just waiting until someone decides they want the house enough to pay us.  Meh.  

I will give it this, MUCH easier paperwork wise to sell a house than buy one.  :)  I asked ​the realtor what paperwork we needed to gather to bring to closing, and apparently nothing.  Title agency does all that for us, we just have to show up, sign our name six times (as apposed to what felt like six hundred at closing to buy) and we're done.  No 80 millions trips all over town trying to gather things and turn them into the bank.  Of course, then we have to go through the buying process again.  Yay.


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Life changes like yours (new job, moving to a new location, selling your home) and all are so unsettling aren’t they? It has its excitement but it’s also like a bipolar roller coaster of emotions. I hope Nikki is giving you lots of warm hugs. You need them now more than ever.

With virtual hugs,


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I have to admit, after just trying to find space in the fridge around hoarder mom's stuff that she forgets she buys and doesn't eat, this part going quickly has an appeal both in the Band-Aid take my home fast sense and the OMG MY OWN FRIDGE AGAIN! 

We changed our entire diet too.  We've been pretty firmly on the DASH diet eating plans, and at least relearning how to cook has given me something to do.  And a sense of moral superiority because I'm doing something other than sitting around complaining of aches and pains and the costs of medication.  X_X

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Update: It was really weird seeing my house listed.  But now the actual reality of it selling has started, so here's hoping this part goes quickly and peacefully.

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