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One letter to keep an arms length from trouble



Well , now as of the fifth of july I have officially recieved my carry letter , finally no more fears of the mens restroom and violence within , I can hold my head up high and walk my pretty little butt into the appropriate restroom , with odd looks of course but still a milestone none the less , my appointment with the endocronologist isnt until the 22nd of september but I guess nothing to concerning with the battery of tests and bloodwork so Wippy .... L a little I did , I suppose I could try and slide in on a cancelation but ehh it's all good . Just thought I would update a blog for those who were wondering , also am in the process of all the red tape run around in name change what a state missouri is and dealing with cali on top of it , oh well I will get it all sorted before I renew my liscence in october ( hope so any ways ) ...

Take care everyone Hugs and Kisses



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